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Private early scan two weeks early

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Junegirl20 · 10/07/2020 20:23

I went to a private early scan today and got told I was 2 weeks earlier than expected. I thought I was 10 but they have said 8 weeks. No other problems stated.... So I am feeling great full.
Counting back 8 weeks is when I was ovulating so guessing this is my conception date. .
Silly question but will my NHS scan in 2 weeks be the same timeline and do I class myself as 8 weeks now?? I just feel strange as my symptoms align with 10 weeks not 8

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Fandanglethat · 10/07/2020 21:49

Your NHS scan will be your dating scan and you will be given Estimated date of delivery (EDD) at that point. The private scan will not be taken in to consideration. Count from 1st day of your last period until the dating scan.

It doesn't really matter whether you are 8 or 10 weeks right now.

SapphosRock · 10/07/2020 22:03

I had IVF so knew my dates exactly but at the 12 week dating scan I was dated a week ahead so 13 weeks. The NHS work with the date you're given at 12 weeks.

If you know your dates and there's a mismatch at the scan then it's worth mentioning to your midwife. I had a a c section when I was officially 37 weeks but actually only 36 weeks and my baby needed oxygen.

They will bear it in mind if you need to be induced too.

sel2223 · 10/07/2020 23:37

The NHS midwife will go by the first day of your LMP until you get an official EDD at your dating scan.

I had an early scan and measured 11 days behind what I would have been going by LMP. Baby then caught up by a week at my dating scan. I was told that it's quite common for measurements in early pregnancy to be off but the main thing is you saw a healthy baby and heartbeat.

MrsJamieLWeir · 11/07/2020 09:10

I had an early scan when I was about 8 weeks and was measuring 10 days behind. Had my 12 week scan and was the exact same as what they gave me at the private scan so they’ve pushed my due date back 10 days. Between the two I didn’t really count how many weeks I was if people asked I said I was around x weeks and now I know I’m 13 and going from that. It’ll all work out, as long as there’s a healthy heart beat that’s the most important think at this stage I was told! Xx

2155User · 11/07/2020 09:37

The NHS will not take into account any private scans that you have funded yourself.

Junegirl20 · 11/07/2020 22:44

Thank you for help. I am keeping with original date and waiting for NHS scan.

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