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Pain in stomach when eating/drinking

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qwertybored12 · 09/07/2020 17:08

Hi there,

I’m really hoping someone can help. Just as the title says, for the last few days I have been having this strange pain in my high stomach, just under my left boob. A few seconds after I swallow food or take a drink I get this really uncomfortable feeling in my high stomach. I’m 4+4 weeks pregnant and have never experienced this before. I’m not sure if its even pregnancy related but either way I’m really starting to worry.

It’s not a sharp paint, more like an uncomfortable feeling, like the food/water is struggling to pass through properly and happens about 1/2 seconds after each gulp of food I swallow. It’s not as bad with liquid, but I still get the uncomfortable sensations of it passing down.

Has anyone experienced this?

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qwertybored12 · 09/07/2020 18:59


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rosydreams · 09/07/2020 20:59

its probably baby stretching in a uncomfortable position they do that but always mention stuff like this to the midwife.Always be on the safe side with baby's good luck

but if your early on in pregnancy then its probably just your uterus stretching which can be uncomfortable but again tell midwife

qwertybored12 · 09/07/2020 21:26

@rosydreams thank you for responding! I haven’t been assigned a midwife yet so I’ll probably give my GP a call tomorrow

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