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Elective c section, princess anne

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duckling3 · 08/07/2020 13:41

Hi, does anyone here have experience with making a request for elective c section at princess anne in Southampton for a first birth?

I'll be speaking to my midwife about it next week, but just curious as to how difficult it may be to get my request approved, and whether anyone has experience of it at this hospital-I know most hospitals have different policies.

I'm tempted to contact them in advance and ask for their policy so I can be a bit more prepared in advance in terms of what to expect. Everyone has said it's difficult to get requests approved and that I will need to jump through hoops and fight my corner.

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Lily2020 · 08/07/2020 15:28

Hi OP πŸ‘‹πŸΌ just wanted to give my experience although not at your hospital.
I was very panicky about having to broach the subject, I had a traumatic 1st birth.
I mentioned to my midwife over the phone at my booking appt at 8weeks that I would like an ELCS & she was great no judging whatsoever & said she would refer me to a consultant.
I then went for a scan yesterday at 13 weeks, had scan, bloods, etc then was called in to see a Dr ( at this point I had no idea why) & he asked a couple of questions about my last birth & why I wanted ELCS so I explained that yes, I had a terrible birth but the recovery is the actual reason for my request. He said ok & went on to tell me how it would work & then tried to book me in for a date, they didn't have the diary for Jan so he said that we would sort date at next appt. 😊 No fighting, no defending, not worth the stress I put myself through for the last 3 months! I hope it goes smoothly for you!

duckling3 · 08/07/2020 19:27

Thanks for that! Really nice to hear your request was taken seriously.
I hope mine goes just as well. I've not heard positive things about princess anne (on the c section request front) , but maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised 😊

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