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41 weeks pregnant today, no signs and lost all excitement :(

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Foodx123 · 07/07/2020 18:30

Anyone else 41 weeks or gone further? I really feel like I'll never give birth.

Tried everything to induce labour and nothing has worked. Would have gone in a walk today but it's raining quite heavily! My midwife was meant to call me today with an induction date - she didn't call so I am sat here wondering when.

Also at 39 weeks I had a scan which said baby was 8lb13. Now scared she's going to be 10lb or something. Feeling really crap and all my excitement for the baby has gone as I feel like I've been ready for weeks. I know I shouldn't compare but my cousin and me had the same due date and her baby is almost a month old. Sad Anyone else felt like this?

OP posts:
Sheera1 · 07/07/2020 19:55

I went two weeks overdue with ds and was induced. He was early too comfy in there. I was very fed up that 2nd week. Especially with people texting every blooming 5 mins to ask if you are in labour yet. I have a video with a massive bump saying "c'mon baby. Hurry up". Lie on the couch fert up and enjoy some rest and sleep. You only have a week max left.

Kodiak83 · 07/07/2020 21:16

I’ve been there twice, it’s the hardest time ever, you have my massive sympathies. I don’t think it’s possible to realise what a tough time it can be without having gone through it. This article always gave me great comfort when I was so overdue and friends were popping them out weeks early!

You won’t have long at all now. Whatever happens. With both mine, labour started around eleven days over and I had both of them by 14 days over (csecs in the end, it was just the way they were meant to be ☺️). But I’ve had other friends I know deliver naturally at 41-42 weeks no problems, so just hang on and try stay positive this last little bit. You’ll be a mummy soon x

MrsFbn · 07/07/2020 21:41

Currently feel the same he was estimated to be 9lb at 38 weeks were now 40 weeks 4 days and no signs of him. Dreading how big he’s going to be and he’s also back to back. Also can’t take anymore messages off people asking if any news yet. I honestly feel like replying yes he’s here he arrived days ago we didn’t bother to tell you though! I may just be slightly hormonal though 😂

youhave4substitutes · 07/07/2020 21:47

My allegedly 9 pounder was 6lb 11 and was born on his due date.

My allegedly other 9 pounder was 7lb 11 and was born at 42 weeks exactly.

You obviously will give birth. In the next 7 days or so, just put your feet up and read a book or something, could happen at any moment.

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