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"Bubbly" tummy feeing has stopped

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kittenpeak · 06/07/2020 23:59

Hi all. I got my first ever BFP at exactly 4 weeks and the next day for 3 days straight I had a bubbly gassy feeing in my tummy. I haven't experienced this before so looked it up and saw it was a pregnancy symptom. Last night and all today the feeling has stopped. Is the feeling meant to come and go? I have no symptoms today at all. I forgot I was pregnant last night (I know, very stupid of me) and had a large gulp of champagne before I realised! Could that have done anything?

Just so weird as the bubbly feeling was so strong, and now it's totally stopped

OP posts:
anonymouse · 07/07/2020 00:06

Pregnancy symptoms come and go. I had the bubbles and they lasted to about 4-5 weeks so pretty much around BFP time and that was it.

A gulp of champagne isn't going to cause any damage especially as you are only 4 weeks.

Congratulations! Enjoy your pregnancy.

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