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Empty sac

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KTDiamond2020 · 05/07/2020 16:29

Hi ladies, been on here for a couple weeks almost creeping through everyones posts and I finally just learned how to create my own lol.
Anyways. June 24th I went to my first ob appointment thinking I was about 6 weeks the doctor did a pelvic exam and all was well she let me do an unofficial ultrasound as she called it and the tech used the abdominal wand and found my uterus and said it was empty she grabbed another wand and again "yup empty" she measured the sac and it was measuring 5 weeks 5 days. All in all this ultrasound lasted 30 seconds which I didn't expect much cause they weren't charging my insurance.
The doctor told me it's probably just too early to see anything but let me know there is always a chance I had a missed miscarriage and my body absorbed the fetus. She sent me out with blood work to do and added hcg to it.
I went straight to do the bloodwork after that was Wednesday. I called at 9am Friday cause I hadn't got a call yet about repeat blood work. Finally at 1:45 pm I got a call back to go do the blood work. So at that point boss was already gone I had to wait for him to get back and he did at 2:20 I got off and rushed to the lab only to find out they didn't have my order so I called the doctor and was on hold all the while calling from my son's phone and the lab tech calling and got nothing finally I left at 3:05 cause they had already been closed for 5 minutes. The rest of the night I continued to call the doctor only to get the answering machine that puts me on hold. I finally got an answer at 5:10 but... It was the answering service cause the office was now closed. Needless to say I didn't get to go my repeat blood work until Monday the 29th.
I ended up getting my results back for the 29th but still not from the first round and calling Lab Corp gets me no where. My hcg was at 52500 on Monday June 24th which looks awesome for me supposedly being 6 weeks and 3 days on that day. It's now July 5th and I haven't heard a thing from my doctor. I go back for another ultrasound Wednesday July 8th but it seems like the doctor could have called and gave me some info on my lab results cause she already know with my past stillbirth im a wreck going through this.
Let me add this is a new doctor not the one I used with my last 2 pregnancies but when I had my stillborn son I literally had to nearly fight a nurse to get my doctor in there and by the time he showed my uterus was close to rupturing from the pill they put to induce me now working. It was a terrible experience all around so I thought I'd feel better with a new doctor but im starting to think I should have looked around a little more. Anyone have the same experience with the empty sac? Also I have no pain except typical tenderness and absolutely no bleeding what so ever. Give me some stories or info to keep me occupied until my next us in 3 days.

PS sorry for the book 😬

OP posts:
RedOasis · 05/07/2020 16:50

So sorry you’re going through this. I’m assuming your in America/Canada? I have NHS so things a bit different. I have to say I have had an empty sac and I’m afraid it was bad news for me. I have had scans at six weeks that we’re able to show the heartbeat. However, that does not mean the same thing is happening to you. I’ve never had the tragedy of still birth but have miscarries twice. Both time’s it was excruciating so that you have no bleeding and no pain seems to me to be a positive. There could be a mix up with the dates maybe? Thirty second scan doesn’t seem’s taken longer to find the sac than that! I’m sorry I wish I could tell you what you want and need to hear. Keep my fingers and toes crossed for you! Bless your little sleeping Angel 👼💐

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