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Tell me what to do!

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metalmutha · 04/07/2020 12:13

I have flights booked to go and stay at our family flat in eastern europe, in 2 weeks time. Where we are going has a very low R rate and death rate.
I'm not concerned about the destination I am concerned about the flight.
I will be 7/8 weeks pregnant when I fly.
Mumsnet, what shall I do?
PPE up for the flight and enjoy it or try to cancel and get the money back on the insurance?
I just can't decide...Help

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Fluffytail1 · 04/07/2020 12:19

Would you get money back for cancelling due to this reason? If not are you prepared to lose the money? Do you really want the holiday? Would you forgive yourself if you got ill? What are the chances of you getting sick? If everyone is PPEd up, then it’s no more risky than sitting in a cafe, cinema etc. Could the stress of worrying about it have adverse affects? Sorry I can’t answer this for you. You really have to weigh up just how at risk you could or could not be by flying. 🤔

metalmutha · 04/07/2020 13:41

Thanks for replying..flight is with Ryan air, I've spoken to them and all they suggested was rescheduling, that's not possible as would clash with my due date. They won't issue a voucher or credit note even in these circumstances, I wasn't at all surprised.
GP said they'll do a sick note for insurance so I wouldn't lose too much.
I would not forgive myself if anything happened, but like you say I'm at risk at the supermarket.
I'll keeping thinking
Thanks again.

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CBhope · 04/07/2020 14:11

In my honest opinion and if you feel safe I would go. Everyone’s opinion on this is different and I completely respect that so it does ultimately have to be what you feel comfortable with. The filtration system on an aircraft is typically an equivalent if not better than hospital standard, it’s more the touching which I think is a concern. So anti bac up with a good few changes of gloves aswell if you do want to go. There is risk in everything in life and by the way some of the public are behaving in the UK you are at no more risk elsewhere. If you decide to go then enjoy it! x

sel2223 · 04/07/2020 14:48

In terms of flying in early pregnancy, it's absolutely fine. I flew a lot in the first trimester and had no problems.

In terms of flying during the current pandemic, there are so many different opinions on this and only you can decide if it's something you want to do. There is research showing that air travel is actually very safe but obviously you've got to factor in the airport and the risks wherever you are going. With the recent changes to FCO advice and the easing of lockdown, it really is a personal decision.

I would just want to make sure you can get some decent insurance cover if you do decide to go.

metalmutha · 04/07/2020 20:20

Thank you all for the replies.
Some really good and reassuring points made and has given me something to think about.
I'll probably to and fro with my decision for a bit longer and then try to decide.
If it weren't for the pregnancy then I think I would definitely be going.

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