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20 week scan, placenta issues.

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mumworkstudywine · 03/07/2020 23:48

I have an anterior placenta, which was identified a while ago. However, at my 20 week scan today, the sonographer told me that my placenta is partially covering the 'exit route' and they'll need to rescan at 36 weeks to see if it's moved or if I need a caesarean. Has anyone else experienced this and if so, what happened? Thanks.

OP posts:
Mmmmycorona · 03/07/2020 23:53

I haven’t but 3 of my friends/family have. I believe 90% of placentas end up moving on their own. Theirs all moved and they had vaginal births and everything was fine.

biscuit13 · 04/07/2020 00:03

@mumworkstudywine I am going through the same, am 22 weeks and got told that my placenta was low and close to cervix. I'm being rescanned at 34 weeks to see if its moved. Also have to be referred to the clinic to discuss it, which is apparently something the midwife has to do.
Fingers crossed for both of us x

UnicornRainbow83 · 04/07/2020 00:21

I was told the same thing with my first pregnancy, rescanned at 32 weeks and the placenta had moved enough for a natural delivery.

mineofuselessinformation · 04/07/2020 00:25

At 20 weeks, your uterus still has a lot of growing to do to accommodate your baby.
There's every chance this will be a non-issue as you approach your baby's birth, but your health care team will keep an eye on you just in case.

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