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Recurring UTI in pregnancy?

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AbbiiPaigeee · 02/07/2020 20:51

Hi all! A few weeks ago I was told I had a UTI after my 12 week scan (I'm currently 15+3) & took a weeks worth of antibiotics. I used to have urine infections every 3 weeks prior to meeting my fiance (tests/scans never showed any problems even though I have trouble urinating a lot) so am familiar with the symptoms but didn't have any this time around so I was surprised. However, after I finished my antibiotics I felt more like I had an infection than I did before as started having symptoms such as an ache in my bladder area once I'd finished. Is it possible that the antibiotics haven't worked & it's still there or that another infection came soon after?

OP posts:
BabyWright · 03/07/2020 06:28

I’ve suffered a lot with UTIs in my last pregnancy and current one (I’m 21 weeks). I’ve had issues where they haven’t prescribed a strong enough antibiotic to start with so the infection doesn’t clear.

You can also get another infection where you can’t empty your bladder fully in pregnancy so the bacteria lingers.

I would recommend phoning your gp and asking them to test your urine as you suspect you have another uti.

Have you also heard of d mannose tablets? It’s a natural cranberry sugar and it’s cut down on the number of infections I’ve had in both pregnancies. I take one a day to avoid infections.

Hope this helps xx

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