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Will I get to the end without having a nervous breakdown!

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lockdownpregnancy · 02/07/2020 12:30

So I visited the maternity unit for the third time today.
First time I went was reduced movements at 21 weeks, the second when I fell on my stomach chasing after my dog like a total dickhead and today (now 27+4) was because baby hadn't moved at all since last night.
Now my baby is on the go ALL THE TIME!!!! so you can imagine my fear when by this morning I couldn't even get him to move by doing the usual (little jumps, sugary drink etc) . I literally felt like he'd disappeared over night!
Just back from the hospital after being strapped up for 30 minutes and my baby had decided to turn around and bury himself towards my back (also explains the back pain!).
All I've done this morning is cry!
This is so fucking scary it's ridiculous!
I know that the majority of the time all is well but my god, I'm really started to worry about how I'll get through these next 13 weeks without having a breakdown!
😫😫😫 I though the first trimester was scary but the third is turning out to be worse!
Anyone else feel like this?

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SeaToSki · 02/07/2020 13:00

Yes, and in the end i got a home microphone thingy so i could listen in to the heartbeat. I know there are conflicting views on if it is helpful, but I found it great.

Hang in there. It sounds like you are paying attention to your LO and that si one sign of a great Mum

Ewandreams · 02/07/2020 13:08

I really feel for you, I had this in 2 of my pregnancies, my most recent one - my babies is 6 months old now, I went in 14 times but they would always rather see you than not. In both pregnancies with the lack of movement I got pre eclampsia at 38 weeks. Both babies were born then. With my most recent baby she didn't even move in 2 scans so still had to be monitored for heartbeat afterwards. But They were both healthy once born. But monitoring movements was key. It's stressful but important and once you baby is here you will forget all about that stress. On days with lack of movement I always tried a bath before I called up. As that seemed to help, maybe because it relaxed me too.

crazychemist · 02/07/2020 13:46

As baby gets bigger, movements become impossible to miss even if they have their back to you as you can feel wiggling/head turning as well as kicks, so hopefully you’ll be able to relax.

I’ve got an anterior placenta, so can’t feel anything at all (only 18 weeks), and might not for some time. Mixed blessing/curse - I’m not worried over patterns as I can’t feel them!

lockdownpregnancy · 02/07/2020 19:22

Thank you ladies! I never thought it would be so worrying but this overwhelming feeling of fear just came over me today about whether my baby is ok!
Thankfully he's fine. He's still been a little quiet than usual today, but he's probably having a lazy day as he's done nothing but kick the crap out me for the last few days!
The midwife was happy with me and baby so that's the main thing! I'm hoping I'll sleep tonight now! I'm knackered from the stress of it all! 😂

OP posts:
Ewandreams · 02/07/2020 20:33

Glad all is ok and I hope he keeps up his kicks, there is no more reassuring feeling than those lovely kicks, even when they dig into the wrong places!

sel2223 · 02/07/2020 20:46

I was very anxious in the second trimester and early 3rd as a lot of my symptoms disappeared and I didn't feel anything at all movement wise till I was over 22 weeks (anterior placenta). Some days I just didn't even feel pregnant.

Weeks 23 to 30ish I obsessed over movements and when I would get a proper pattern and why she was having a quieter day etc. I recorded everything on an app and went into hospital once for reduced movements around 28 weeks but she was absolutely fine, she'd just changed position..

I'm 34 weeks now and I've felt a lot more relaxed for the last few weeks. I feel more in tune with her now and don't panic as much if we have a quieter few hours or if the movements seem more muffled some days. I know it's normal for her.
If I'm getting a bit worried, I know what will get her moving and I just stop what I'm doing and focus entirely on her for a while. I'm hoping I can stay like this for the rest of the pregnancy as the constant anxiety was awful.

lockdownpregnancy · 02/07/2020 21:47

I suffer with anxiety anyway. My first trimester was brutal for my anxiety and my second I breezed through. I think now I'm into my third it's all getting very real and I think reality is setting in as well that I'm going to be a mom and have a baby!
With the lack of movement from baby today just really scared me! In one way it made me realise how much I love him already and I never really felt that before.
Just hope he keeps wriggling like usual and doesn't scare me again! Little tinker!

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