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Overtime and rights when pregnant

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Why1stheskyblu3 · 01/07/2020 13:36


Just wanted to see what people think really, I am currently 19+5 and work in a pretty active job, 40 hours a week. For various reasons it has now been decided to change shifts around, forcing me (and my colleagues) to work overtime. I have said, that the last time this happened I worked 56 hours, lost weight and didn't have meal breaks and struggled so to please understand I can't do too many of these long (potentially 13hour +) shifts. I then got a rant about how we can't all refuse to do it and one colleague has childcare issues and it has to be done. I explained I wasn't refusing to, but as my risk assessment flags, too many hours and not having appropriate breaks is an issue to be aware of.

Just wondering am I being ridiculous? I just find the shifts too much, as it is I haven't put any weight on since coming back to work after being on furlough (and that particular week I lost weight which I haven't gained back!) And I am generally struggling with energy levels.

Can't find a huge amount online about maternity rights and overtime either, so any help or advice would be much appreciated!

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dementedpixie · 01/07/2020 13:41

What does your contract say about your hours/overtime? I don't see how overtime can be compulsory

Why1stheskyblu3 · 01/07/2020 17:56

Sadly it just says the usual generic, overtime as the business needs'...but then it also doesn't have anything about maternity in it

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Peachy200 · 01/07/2020 20:16

If you discussed working hours within your risk assessment then they have to follow what was agreed.
You do have rights if they go against the risk assessment.
Citizens advice has some information here under “If your employer doesn’t make sure you’re safe”

AlviesMam · 01/07/2020 21:00

Check your contract. You have to be given notice to work more than 48hours per week.
You can also fight this if you have done a risk assessment stating you need the appropriate breaks etc.
Your well protected by being pregnant anyway with overtime and breaks they HAVE to honour this. I'd be asking for a meeting to discuss.

Why1stheskyblu3 · 01/07/2020 22:16

Thanks for the link, going to go in tomorrow with a bit more info behind me and a bit more backbone and ask for a proper discussion. Think because it was just thrown at me really, as I was just told my shift would be different from tomorrow!

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BadAlice · 02/07/2020 08:24

Are you in a union? I would contact them, or ACAS, to discuss.

BadAlice · 02/07/2020 08:26

Also have you ever signed a contract to opt out of the Working Time Regulations?

Why1stheskyblu3 · 02/07/2020 08:53

No union, but I do have membership of a professional body, so depending on how today goes will see if they can provide any help. No, I never opted out, but I am not sure if it matters in my industry? (Veterinary care)

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