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22 weeks

12 replies

AlviesMam · 30/06/2020 14:26

I've posted a few times about movement but I have bad anxiety.
I have a high anterior placenta and i have started feeling movement a lot more these last two weeks. The movements are still very muffled and not what I would call strong kicks, more like a tap. I also feel a wave/popping sensation too. Sometimes I can feel her really low down giving me the sensation a foot is going to come out of my lady parts! What I'm worried about is these aren't strong forceful movements where I can see them moving from the outside.
Is this normal for my weeks and placenta position?
I just want her to give me a good boot, I feel robbed I have an anterior placenta because every day is consumed with me concentrating to feel her and I get so upset when I don't.
Can anyone give me reassurance and help me relax a little?

OP posts:
ShowOfHands · 30/06/2020 14:28

You're only halfway through and at a point where people with a posterior placenta haven't even felt a single movement yet. Your baby is still small, too small for massive kicks and visible external movement.

Things will change over the next 18 weeks.

ShowOfHands · 30/06/2020 14:29

Are you getting help for your anxiety because if you've started multiple threads, I suspect this isn't helping you?

Theresapossibility · 30/06/2020 14:32

I had anterior placement for both of mine and as baby got bigger i could feel the movements more even to the point of my whole tummy shifting side to side.

The lady parts feeling is horrid though but at the moment it could be an arm or a foot.

My movements first time around were stronger from 24 weeks and I managed to get some amazing videos of my tummy.

My 2nd one like to stick an elbow or a foot out my side and that was painful!

Try not to worry. You will find something that stimulates your baby. Water like Baths made mine stop but watching loud tv shows like game of thrones got them moving

smitho24 · 30/06/2020 14:41

I'm 20 weeks with my fourth pregnancy, Im lucky to not have had any problems or complications with any of my pregnancies but this doesn't mean I don't worry!! It's a natural part of becoming a mum but you must trust to not let it take over your journey!! I'm still not feeling baby kick a lot yet,just the odd sensation. Please be assured that every woman truly is different,babies behave in different ways & pregnancies are never the same! Keeping as calm as you can is the best thing you can do. Talk to your midwife,she's there to reassure & try & make the most of the peace & quiet in there bcos it won't be long until your little one is using you as a punchbag!

AlviesMam · 30/06/2020 14:53

I haven't met my midwife yet but she's available on text message and she is very reassuring. I just wanted to get as much advice as possible from Mumsnet as I find it helpful when someone relates to me or when someone can let me know how they are experiencing movement etc. I'm going to speak to her about my anxiety when I see her next. They are aware and my consultant is aware too but I think it has crept up a little now due to the fact I've past all the scans and the next thing I'm now looking forward to/WORRYING is movement so I'm on edge. I also lost my little boy at 22 weeks in October due to complications so this is where it stems from Sad xxx

OP posts:
AlviesMam · 30/06/2020 14:56

@ShowOfHands every thread has helped, I have only posted one or two I think! but I think I compare myself to other people too much and freak out if they have felt a kick etc! Thank you for reassuring me I know the baby is only small and I am seeking further help on my next appointment in two weeks

OP posts:
sel2223 · 30/06/2020 16:02

OP, i have a high anterior placenta too and didn't even feel my first flutter until I was over 22 weeks. It's completely normal.

The official guidance is that you should start feeling some kind of movement by 24 weeks (which you have) then you should see a pattern start to form from 28 weeks onwards.

Your baby is still really small at 22 weeks so lots of room for changing positions which can make a massive difference to what you can feel....even without an anterior placenta cushioning it all.

I'm 33+5 and still struggle with a proper pattern. I still have quieter days where movements are more muffled even now.

sel2223 · 30/06/2020 16:02

And I'm so sorry about the loss of your little boy Flowers

AlviesMam · 30/06/2020 16:08

@sel2223 thank you! So did you only feel flutters from 22 weeks nothing stronger? Does it differ everyday at this stage? Xx

OP posts:
bluemoon2468 · 30/06/2020 16:11

I'm 26+3 with a high anterior placenta. I'm getting lots of strong kicks now but I still can't see them from the outside and only rarely can my husband feel them (just the very strongest ones). At 22 weeks he still hadn't felt the baby move from the outaide at all. Don't worry 🙂

sel2223 · 30/06/2020 16:16

@AlviesMam I was 22 and a half weeks when I felt my first ever flutter.
It wasn't until more like 24 or 25 weeks when I felt proper kicks every day but even they were muffled and i definitely didn't have a pattern then.
I think i was 31 weeks before I could see movement from the outside.

FizzingWhizzbee123 · 30/06/2020 16:27

I’m 22 weeks with a high anterior placenta and can only currently feel internal taps and they aren’t very frequent yet, just one here and one there. I think I might have felt one single string kick externally yesterday but it hasn’t happened again. I’m not worried, it’s still early days.

However, always contact your midwife if you’re worried.

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