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The gender experts accuracy

22 replies

Ducky1900 · 29/06/2020 14:30

Just wondering if anyone has used this for fun and it's been correct or wrong?
Had a scan today so sent the scan in, it's come back boy, we have a gender scan booked on 3 weeks anyway so not Long to wait!

OP posts:
stairgates · 29/06/2020 14:42

Happy to have a guess for you if you have a picture to post :)

I find with sites that charge if they get it right 50% of the time they are still earning, there are loads of better free sites to post on, save your money for baby!

Ducky1900 · 29/06/2020 15:27

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

GaraMedouar · 29/06/2020 15:38

@Ducky1900 - just to let you know your full name and DOB is on the pics. I reported the post. Can you repost and cover up your details?

Ducky1900 · 29/06/2020 15:44

Oh thank you, didn't even think.half asleep as didn't sleep with worry last night! I'll try again.

The gender experts accuracy
OP posts:
GaraMedouar · 29/06/2020 16:35

Ok - can’t see , but I’ll guess girl anyway (50% chance Grin) - you’ll find out in three weeks though Flowers

stairgates · 29/06/2020 18:20

You have no clear gender clues showing on your picture :) The lack of a boy nub would have me guess girl also for you, do you have any more pictures you can post?:)

lc86 · 29/06/2020 19:19

I'd say boy based on skull.. gender experts were right for me 💙

Ducky1900 · 29/06/2020 19:23

This is the only other profile shot.
The other one is baby facing us so a bit of a funny angle.

The gender experts accuracy
OP posts:
stairgates · 29/06/2020 20:23

Yep, sticking with my girl guess :)

Try posting both pics over on ingender and genderdreaming, they dont chargeGrin I think ingender is the longest running nub guessing site out there:)

Cheesecakejar · 29/06/2020 20:25

Boy, based on the skull theory. I used it to successfully guess boy for my baby!

el108 · 01/07/2020 14:26

I also used gender experts last week just for a bit of fun. They guessed a girl and based on the nub theory I guess they could be right (interested in what others think!)? We also have a gender scan booked for 3 and a half weeks - I'll let you know if they were right :D

The gender experts accuracy
stairgates · 01/07/2020 14:27

I would agree with a girl guess for el108:)

AbbiiPaigeee · 02/07/2020 21:59

I think girl for both! Anyone want to guess mine? Hopefully we'll find out in 2 days if our peanut lets us 😁

The gender experts accuracy
Sophieleanne · 14/08/2020 03:47

Did you find out the gender hun xx

Acingit155 · 14/10/2020 20:37

Hi did anyone get different results from what gender experts predicted thanks

OverTheRainbow88 · 14/10/2020 20:39

I wouldn’t post on anything calling it gender as it isn’t gender it’s sex. So they can’t even get that right 🙄

Sallz2 · 16/10/2020 14:22

Hey please guess what gender this looks like to you!! :)

mumoftwo200013 · 16/10/2020 15:20

this looks like a girl to me :-)

Bubblegum4 · 08/01/2021 17:56

Boy or Girl anyone I'm 13+4

7Han7 · 26/01/2021 09:30

Can anyone guess boy or girl 💙💗

The gender experts accuracy
The gender experts accuracy
Harwinderkaur · 06/03/2023 15:15

Could you tell me gender??

The gender experts accuracy
ToniM95 · 11/04/2023 22:15

This reply has been withdrawn

This message has been withdrawn at the poster's request

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