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Antenatal classes -when

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duckling3 · 29/06/2020 14:23


When do people typically do antenatal classes? I am currently 23 weeks so think it's not yet, but I am starting to think maybe I need to be booking myself into a class/course soon.

OP posts:
PaulinePetrovaPosey · 29/06/2020 14:25

I'd book ASAP. It might depend on area, but round me (nappy valley London) if you don't book shortly after your 12 week scan you miss out on NCT ect.

HeeeeyDuggee · 29/06/2020 14:25

If your wanting to do NCT you might find all the ones close to your due date are all booked up! They book up crazy early

NHS provided ones tend to be 30+ weeks although not all trusts offer them anymore due to budget cuts

Superscientist · 29/06/2020 16:02

We have just done our nct class at 31 & 32 weeks which I think was a good timing. We booked after our 12 week scan which was too late for our nearest class so we had to sign up to the class in a neighbouring town. It worked out better for us as that class was on Saturdays rather than weekday evenings.
In my local area the NHS classes aren't running.

sel2223 · 29/06/2020 16:10

Definitely best to wait till the 3rd trimester (but book sooner rather than later to secure your dates).
I'm halfway through an NCT course now and am coming up to 34 weeks. The others on the course are all between 32 and 37 weeks and I think that's the right time to do it really as I don't think I would have benefitted as much or retained the info if I'd done it any earlier.

duckling3 · 29/06/2020 21:34

Thanks. I've checked and there are some spaces left in a class nearby (albeit not many).

Out of interest. Do you think the classes are worth it (for first time parents). My husband is really keen, but I'm not so sure, especially where they are all online atm.

OP posts:
Superscientist · 30/06/2020 08:03

For me the classes covered a lot of information I could have read online. It probably would have taken me more than the two Saturdays the course took though!

The sessions were peppered with tips and bits I probably would have glossed over had I been doing my own research so in that sense it was good. My sessions were run by a midwife at the hospital we are giving birth at. This for me was the most valuable part of the course as she was able to tell us exactly what would be on offer and what the process is like as there are subtle variations.

I quite liked the online nature of our course. We could mute our microphone and talk a both what we were being shown which I wouldn't have done in person and could do further reading too for bits that stuck out for me.

We are in touch with the other couples and the meeting was kept open afterwards and during some breaks so we could get to know one another.

I'm not due until August so I don't know how we'll prepared I actually am but it feels less daunting having done the course.

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