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Early labor- really nauseous?

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EmC96 · 29/06/2020 08:00

Was told Friday when I was in hospital with reduced movements ( this is fine now) that I was in early labour, my cervix is soft, 1cm dilated and has shortened to 2cm. They done a sweep for me. This didn’t really do anything for the first time so I had a second sweep yesterday. Was having contractions that I was timing last night it was about 1 every 15 mins and getting stronger. Took some paracetamol and managed to get off to sleep for a little while but when I woke the contractions had stopped.
I have a constant pain in my back and lower belly and am feeling really nauseous this morning.
Is there any way things could start up again?

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EmC96 · 29/06/2020 13:34


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LusciousV · 29/06/2020 13:47


I'm not sure about the stopping and starting but I felt nauseous the minute my waters broke (the contractions also started coming thick and fast and I went from 0 - 4cm dilated within 3hrs). Is this your first baby? I was surprised by how far into labour I was when I was examined as, although the contractions hurt, they were nowhere near as bad as I'd imagined.

Sounds like it could be promising for you! Good luck x

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