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Help, 27 weeks pregnant pain at top of bump/ribs and regular tightening

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Azza2019 · 27/06/2020 21:18


I’ve previously had 2 babies 1 absolutely fine 1 went into early labour and ended up with a stitch in my cervix to help keep baby in.

I’m now pregnant with my third baby and I’ve had a very uncomfortable pain at the top of my bump for two days now that doesn’t shift no matter me resting, warm bath or doing a little walk and I’ve been having today regular ‘tightenings’ on and off through out the day, happenes for around 10-14 minutes each time with tightenings as regular as every 2 mins then nothing for a hour or maybe two then back again.

Has anyone else experienced this ?last time with my other child it was consistent and didn’t stop so I knew something wasn’t quite right but this one is confusing me a little I have to say.

Thanks in advance

OP posts:
lockdownpregnancy · 27/06/2020 21:44

Sounds like Braxton Hicks OP but they are quite irregular and yours sound like they are coming and going on a regular basis.
I'd contact your maternity assessment unit and get yourself checked over to make sure everything is ok.

Azza2019 · 27/06/2020 21:58

@lockdownpregnancy that’s what’s bothering me if they were completely random then I’d be like sure braxton hicks but it’s the fact that they are quite consistent for a period of time then return again. I’ll give them a ring tomorrow if I’m still like this through the night. Thank you xx

OP posts:
lockdownpregnancy · 28/06/2020 08:06

@Azza2019 how are you this morning?
Have you call your mat unit? Xx

Azza2019 · 28/06/2020 09:45

@lockdownpregnancy the tightenings only happened twice in the night but still have that god awful dull ache and I have a stomping headache to go with it yay !! Gods love pregnancy. Hot bath and paracetamol and if not shifted then I’m ringing my mat unit xx

OP posts:
cakesandale1907 · 28/06/2020 10:10

I've had rib pain and baby was breech at the time (31 weeks) which was the probable cause, along with everything just shifting up as pregnancy progressed, but I do know rib pain and headaches can be symptoms of pre-eclampsia so definitely worth ringing the maternity assessment unit to see what they suggest.

lockdownpregnancy · 28/06/2020 11:52

@Azza2019 please don't leave it, just call your mat unit now and get some reassurance. It's probably nothing but you'd never forgive yourself it if was something and you didn't get it sorted in time! 😬

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