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Daft question - leaving the hospital after giving birth, do you still need to show car seat?

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AnEbayNovice · 27/06/2020 13:11

It's a long way away so don't know why I'm thinking about it now but if I'm not able to have visitors at that time (I know some trusts are allowing visitors to postnatal at certain times now) when it comes to leave do I still need to "show" the car seat? We were told we had to leave the ward before with baby in car seat although when it came to it nobody really noticed us go so I don't suppose it mattered.

Under the current circumstances can I simply carry the baby to the entrance in a sling and then meet DH outside with car seat?

OP posts:
KingofDinobots · 27/06/2020 13:22

Nobody checked with us. I think if anybody does ask about it, just explain the car seat is in the car. If they really want to come look at it they can. They’re highly unlikely to bother!

CoolNoMore · 27/06/2020 14:28

I hope not, we're getting the train home...

1300cakes · 27/06/2020 14:31

Doesn't make much sense... What if you aren't driving?

AnEbayNovice · 27/06/2020 14:58

I'm sure the hospital apply common sense then but they specifically asked us if we were driving, (we were) and asked us to bring the car seat first (we were going to carry baby out)

OP posts:
FirstTimeBumps · 27/06/2020 15:44

Our hospital had a similar stance. We don't drive but my mum was picking us up and we has a 0/1/2 car seat that was in no way a carry car seat. Just explained to them and they were find x

Bluebelltulip · 27/06/2020 15:48

I doubt they will mind however when I was in hospital recently with my DC and visitors were not allowed a nurse helped me to the door with our things.

Connie222 · 27/06/2020 15:53

When I had Dd 6 years ago they wouldn’t let me leave without her in the car seat. I ended up in tears and having to get the supervisor of midwives in the end.

They seat was on of those massive ones that stays in the car and goes from birth to 7 years. They made Dh bring it in to the ward, massive great thing and insisted Dd was put in it to be carried out - that’s when we got the SOM down - it would have been dangerous and we’d have only have to have got her out again to mess about with the isofix. Luckily the SOM had some common sense and apologised.

Pleasenodont · 27/06/2020 16:50

Some people buy the fitted car seats rather than infant ones so I don’t think they can exclude people from leaving purely because they can’t prove they have a car seat.

I don’t actually know how it’s currently working. I’ve been told DH will have to leave soon after my c-section but haven’t been told what happens when it’s time to go home. There’s no way anyone can carry a car seat after a caesarean.

Connie222 · 27/06/2020 17:45

@Pleasenodont wondering the same, due a section in August. Because of last time, I’ve bought a cheap as shit one for £5 off Facebook just to take this baby out of the hospital in - will transfer her into the car seat fixed into the car when we get in!

Don’t know if I should take the car seat to hospital with me though. Like you said, who’s going to be carrying a car seat potentially 24 hours after a section.

secretllama · 27/06/2020 19:40

@Connie222 @Pleasenodont I had a c section, and at my hospital when I was discharged my husband came to the entrance , phoned me, and a midwife took my bags down to meet him and swapped the bags for the car seat. She then carried my baby down in the car seat with me to leave. Aware that everywhere could be different but that was in my hospital (lothian) x

Leah91 · 27/06/2020 22:42

I'm a bit worried about this too, I'm due in August and we have bought the Joie I-spin 360, it's attached to the base so not really portable. I'm hoping if I explain and show them a picture of it in the car they will be understanding

SaltySammie · 27/06/2020 23:07

We just said we were walking home and walked in wearing her in a sling.

FizzingWhizzbee123 · 30/06/2020 17:51

I carried mine out in my arms and sat on a wall outside the ward when DH bought the car around as we had a fixed car seat. No one even asked.

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