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Waters broke at 25 weeks - being induced today!!

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MrsRose2018 · 27/06/2020 10:32

Hi ladies

You may have seen my posts over the last 12 weeks! Basically my waters broke prematurely at 25 weeks and by some miracle we have made it to 37 weeks today!!

At 3pm today I go into hospital, am being induced and hopefully meet my beautiful boy before the weekend is over (can you say optimism?? 😂😂)

I would like to thank you all for your supportive words and advice to my many many (many) posts and questions these 12 weeks!

If anyone has any induction/labour/raising a child advice for a first time mum please feel free to leave it now! 😂😂

MN has its downsides but you’ve all been amazing xx

OP posts:
HalfBloodPrincess · 27/06/2020 10:36

Oh wow, good luck and wishes for a June 27th baby!

I've had 4 children, my 3rd was an induced birth and was my favourite of them all.
Walk loads and stay hydrated!

maryd84 · 27/06/2020 10:47

Hi MrsRose2018

I remember your first posts about your waters going at 25 weeks. Its brilliant that you were able to keep baby cooking till 37 weeks. Delighted for you.

Best wishes for todayFlowersSmile

MamaBearThius · 27/06/2020 10:52

Meeeep! I've seen your posts, this is so exciting! 37 weeks too, that's so awesome! Hope you've got your baby in your arms soon =)

peachypetite · 27/06/2020 10:55

I recognise you from the show me your nursery thread. Good luck!

BabyB19 · 27/06/2020 10:57

Oh finally today's the day OP! Wishing you lots of luck for a smooth ride, you've done amazing getting to this point after your waters breaking so early on! Keep us posted, can't wait for a baby update! X

Persiaclementine · 27/06/2020 11:05

Good luck for today, how exciting !

Wolfgirrl · 27/06/2020 11:12

Ooooh good luck! I was successfully induced at 36 weeks. My advice would be have the epidural as soon as you go on the drip. Then get as much rest/sleep as you can for the pushing stage. Don't be a martyr and refuse pain relief as you will become more and more in pain/exhausted and early inductions can be very long. Also stay upright as much as you can, bounce on the ball etc

Indigogirl88 · 27/06/2020 15:12

Good luck!! Flowers

Imonlydoingwhatican · 27/06/2020 15:20

Best of luck, hope it all goes smoothly xx and your having newborn snuggles before the day is oit.

Lilice · 27/06/2020 15:21

Good luck @MrsRose2018

Tink2007 · 27/06/2020 15:45

Wow! Talk about super mama! Good luck with the induction!

BruceAndMarley · 27/06/2020 17:53

Amazing to see you come this far !! One strong mamma and baby! All the best and please if you have time, let us know when baby is here ! X

BeautyAndTheBump1 · 27/06/2020 21:04

Wow!! How amazing you have managed to keep him cooking for so long!
Good luck and hopefully you'll be posting to say you've had him very soon 🙊

bloodywhitecat · 27/06/2020 21:05

I read your earlier thread, congratulations on getting to 37 weeks! I hope you soon have your baby safe in your arms.

GU24Mum · 27/06/2020 21:09

Wow - how exciting and really great too that you made it to 37 weeks.

5lilducks · 27/06/2020 21:20

Good luck for today @MrsRose2018. Wish you a safe and smooth delivery x

Dyra · 27/06/2020 21:43

How exciting! I remember your initial thread. I bet those 12 weeks have been the longest weeks ever that have (also) flown by. Hoping induction is well under way, and everything is going well this evening. You'll be meeting your DS before you know it.

My advice:
Be wide open to pain relief options.
Get as much rest as you can.
Stay hydrated!
Water bottle with warm water to spray over yourself while you were if you have stitches.
The first poo post delivery is awful, but take it slowly and easy. It might feel like it, but you won't turn inside out.
Baby hasn't read the parenting books. They hit their milestones at their own pace. Half of them can be skipped.
Try not to compare to other parents/babies.
Nobody knows what they're doing, no matter what it looks like on the outside.
It takes time, but you'll figure each other out eventually.
Remember you are amazing!

Nelbert19 · 27/06/2020 22:11

I’ve been following your story MrsRose, so pleased you’ve made it to term! Hope labour goes smoothly for you - best of luck to you and your new family xxx

Wolfgirrl · 29/06/2020 23:24

Hope the silence means you have a baby! Flowers

sel2223 · 30/06/2020 05:16

How are you getting on OP?

joystir59 · 30/06/2020 05:31

Any news OP?

Wolfgirrl · 02/07/2020 22:11

Hope you are okay Flowers

Bluebunny123 · 02/07/2020 22:15

Any news op? Hope you're ok!

peachypetite · 07/07/2020 07:31

@MrsRose2018 hope you are doing okay

kfcplease · 01/09/2020 07:57

Hi op! How are you & baby doing?

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