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Period pain like cramps during the 5th week of pregnancy?

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Ella17393 · 26/06/2020 23:17

Hi ladies,

I am heading in to my 5th week after taking multiple positive tests and even took one this morning. I have been getting sharp pains like I would if my period was coming and I’ve been on edge all evening because of it. Did anyone else experience this? My first book in appointment with my midwife isn’t until a few weeks yet and I just want to know if this is normal. It’s been coming and going since this afternoon.

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pinklillie · 26/06/2020 23:28

This is my first pregnancy. I found out I was pregnant at five weeks too. I was also concerned as I kept having period pain type cramps. I have asked a few friends and they have said it is completely normal. I think your uterus starts to adapt accordingly. I am now ten weeks and they seemed to settle down over the last week or so.

Oh and congratulations! Hope you aren't feeling too rough otherwise

sel2223 · 26/06/2020 23:44

I had this until I was about 6 weeks. I constantly felt like AF was going to arrive at any moment and hated going to the toilet just incase the BFP's were wrong and I was just a bit late that month.
Week 6-7 it changed from normal PMS type symptoms to pregnancy ones

I'm 33 weeks now.

Mmmmycorona · 26/06/2020 23:51

Yes, I had this with my dd and this pregnancy. I’m 18 weeks and still get the odd period pain cramp. Our bodies are doing some big stretches to accommodate the changes going on.
I worry like hell, even now.

TruffleMama · 27/06/2020 00:23

Hi @Ella17393

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

I had really painful period like cramps for the first 5-6 weeks of my pregnancy. I didn't know I was pregnant at this point as we had been trying unsuccessfully for a year. I just assumed my period was on it's way, just running late. They were so bad some nights that they stopped me from sleeping. I suspected something was different, so took a test and got my BFP (big fat positive)

My DP (darling partner) and I were concerned as along with almost constant period like pain, I was suffering with dizziness. We called 111 and were told to go to A&E to rule out an ectopic pregnancy as apparently the dizziness can be an indicator.

I was checked over and had an internal scan which was too early to see anything other than a pregnancy sac, but it did rule out an ectopic pregnancy. I went back 10 days later for a viability scan and saw baby (who looked like a jelly bean at this point) and saw babies heart beat. Extremely reassuring!

I know feeling period pain can make you think the worse, but on both visits to the hospital the staff reassured me that it is normal to experience period like pain during pregnancy. Your uterus is stretching to accommodate the ever growing little one. Easier said than done, but try not to worry.

I am now 12 weeks and I no longer have constant period-like pain daily. I get the odd twinge of "pain" now and then, but I'd describe the feeling now as more of an internal stretching feeling. It's not so painful, more so a bit uncomfortable.

thattravelphotographer · 27/06/2020 03:19

Yes, I've learned that this is a completely normal - albeit very worrying at first - symptom during pregnancy. It's just where your body is stretching and preparing itself for what's to come. I had it all through my first trimester and now I'm 37 weeks I've noticed they've returned again on and off. If you haven't already come across it check out the website it's really helpful at talking through the changes that are happening to your body and the common symptoms for every week of your pregnancy - I found it really helpful.

Ella17393 · 27/06/2020 13:49

Thank you ladies!! It’s amazing what our bodies go through

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ToothFairyNemesis · 27/06/2020 13:52

Very normal, I have experienced this with several health pregnancies.

Cuwins · 27/06/2020 14:24

Thanks for posting this. I was 5 weeks yesterday and other than sore boobs had had no symptoms at all. Then yesterday and today I had cramping so this has Reassured me

My2catsarefab · 28/06/2020 13:31

Yes, I had this in all 3 pregnancies, around the 5/6 weeks mark. It was that bad in my 3rd one that I phoned the GP, was convinced I'd go to the loo and find blood. All healthy pregnancies. Welcome to 9 months of worrying and then some!

Ella17393 · 29/06/2020 09:41

My symptoms come and go, yesterday I had a cramp free day and today I’ve woken up to cramps. My DH laughed when I told him I thought I’d get to avoid period pain for the next 9 months

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