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Maternity Hospital Recommendations near Welling

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JoanneDeAbreu · 26/06/2020 21:53

Hi everyone

I am 31 weeks pregnant with my first child and am moving to the Welling area next week. So far I have received maternity services in North London and the care has been really good. I need to switch hospitals now as it would be too far to commute to my currently registered hospital.

Queen Elizabeth Woolwich Hospital is closest to me. Does anyone one have any recent experiences or recommendations of Queen Elizabeth (QE) Hospital? In particular the midwife services and the birthing center (which looks really nice). As well as the delivery suite in case anything goes wrong? I found some previous reviews, but most of them are old and before the birthing center opened (in 2015).

The other alternative is Lewisham University Hospital. It has a very similar birthing center (also looks really nice, the QE one is modeled on this one). I have heard good things about Lewisham, but it is a bit further away and it seems silly to go the extra way if QE is just as good.

Any advice would be much appreciated. Additionally anything related to Covid 19 restrictions would also be really helpful.

Kind regards

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