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Online antenatal classes worth it?

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Cherryhill22 · 26/06/2020 13:14

Advice welcome. My midwife told me that the nhs classes are not running in my area, even online ones. She recommended the NCT course but it looks like this is expensive (£185). I'd pay though if the course was really good. I definitely need something though, I know nothing about childbirth or babies. I never even held a newborn before. I am clueless. Would people recommend the online nct or are there other things I could try to get clued up?

OP posts:
sel2223 · 26/06/2020 13:26

I'll let you know, I've got my first NCT zoom class tomorrow.

Dollywilde · 26/06/2020 13:34

I’m halfway through NCT at the moment, it’s happening on Zoom. I think you do need to do research as they can’t cover everything - ours has provided an online portal with lots of advice that’s really helpful. For us, the main benefit has been being put in touch with other local parents to be, even though we can’t meet there’s an active WhatsApp group and I feel like we’re making friends even if it is virtually Smile

I was really wavering but NCT has been helpful for us, even to the extent that DH has realised he really needs to do more research - he has a dad to be book but for example last night discovered about how you’re meant to put baby down to sleep. I already knew from reading a couple of baby books but he’s realised it’s important for him to know and now he’s doing his own research too.

latheritup · 26/06/2020 13:43

I would recommend the online pack from The Positive Birth Company. It was £39!

Cardboard33 · 26/06/2020 13:48

We did NCT last year and whilst it was in person, I think online would be just as good because the classes were all hypothetical anyway and we didn't really "connect" as a group until the babies started coming, and a lot of our communication was/is via what's app. If you don't do an ante natal class then you still need to find a way of getting in contact with people who are also due at the same time in your area because you will need that support network. It's been invaluable over the last 16 months. I know previously you could meet other new parents at classes, baby groups etc but if all of those are cancelled then you need a pre existing support network which is what NCT buys you.

The classes were also good for just making you think about what you didn't know/needed to know, but we found hypnobirthing (which we said we'd never do, but Positive Birth Company online pack was £20 so we gave it a go) to be better for the actual knowledge of what happens during labour. NCT is for all of the other bits.

MrsJaneyp · 26/06/2020 14:15

We did the honestmidwife (Instagram) courses. She was brilliant. First one is free and then £5 a class after
It's a really open and honest course and was absolutely brilliant

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