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Just found out - a bit shell shocked!

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AuntieR456 · 25/06/2020 16:17

Title says it all really - we had said that we weren’t going to properly ttc until a couple months before our wedding (currently planned for Dec 2020) but we would just see what happens in the meantime as wedding could be postponed anyway... lo and behold two months later I’ve just got this 😍🙌 wow. Feeling very guilty for the gin and tonics I had at the weekend, and gone from elated to anxious in 5 minutes 🤦‍♀️ Anyone who knows where to start/what are the best next steps I need to take? Sat in the sunshine googling nhs advice and making notes. How have appointments been working in the current situation? Thanks for any advice 😊 xx

Just found out - a bit shell shocked!
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emma911030 · 25/06/2020 16:23

Firstly congratulations!! I would suggest working out how far you are and then contacting your doctors as they can then refer you to your local community midwife team, she/he will then be in contact to arrange a 'booking' appointment - mine was done over the phone at 8+1 once you have had this they will contact your local hospital/maternity unity and boom you in for your dating scan which you'll get letter through the post. Unfortunately current procedure in most places I believe is you can only attend your can appointments on your own, partners/family etc are not allowed.

Don't feel guilty about G&T I was drunk the day before I found out I was pregnant with my first, he's now 16 months old and a bit crazy but just fine lol x

bogoblin · 25/06/2020 16:24

Congratulations!! How exciting!

Appointmentswise there's still a chance your partner might not be able to come with you - I take mine along and the poor sod waits outside the surgery/hospital! I honestly haven't found it that bad to be by myself and things might change the further you get along as you must be quite early doors! So there's a chance he may get to attend with you in future.

Try not to worry about a few G&Ts, so so so many women have had a few drinks before realising they were pregnant! My friend did and her boy is almost 2 now!

My main tip - stay hydrated and listen to your body! If there comes a time where there's only one thing you can eat and keep down, eat it! Think my baby was made of Weetos and mashed potatoes for the whole first trimester! It felt like an age for me but I'm sitting at 27 weeks now and wondering where the time went!

Good luck!

isitmethough · 25/06/2020 16:26

Start taking folic acid or a prenatal with it in now xx

SockQueen · 25/06/2020 16:26

Start taking folic acid and vitamin D if you aren't already - no need for expensive "pregnancy" vits. Ask your GP surgery what their protocol is for referring to midwives - some want to see you in person, others just have a form to complete. Read the NHS website for foods to avoid. That's about it, good luck!

AuntieR456 · 25/06/2020 16:42

Firstly thank you all! We both agreed not to tell anyone until 10-12 weeks so it’s great to be able to ask questions here until I can chat to my sister hehe and thanks for putting my mind at ease for those drinks at a bbq at the weekend 😂

I’m already taking folic acid so will add vitamin D as well - thanks for the tip!

Think I might be 4/5 weeks at this point, but will get in touch with our local GP - glad I bothered to sign us up straight away when we moved in a few months ago :)

Trying to get my head down the whole shielding thing and if it’s something to take v. seriously or if the government are likely to drop it anyway as lockdown is eased!

Thanks again and enjoy the lovely sunshine ladies 🌞🙂

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