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Anxiety during first trimester.

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Anlyska · 25/06/2020 15:50

Why am I feeling anxious all the time and constantly thinking about how the upcoming weeks are going to look like, my first appointment, when to tell my employer, etc. I imagined this completely different, that Id be so happy and relieved and just content, but its the exact opposite. I cant sleep, I wake up after 5 hours of disturbed sleep and just so anxious. I just really want to know if anyone feels / felt the same. I am nearly 6 weeks pregnant and found out 2 weeks ago. The baby was planned ❤️

OP posts:
Cobbsgirl92 · 25/06/2020 16:23

Firstly congratulations!
The first trimester is a worrying time for so many reasons and until I experienced it I didn’t realise quite how much you have to think about... However it goes get easier!

It might help to make a list or a plan of the things that are worrying you. Work out when you feel comfortable telling your employer etc. Sometimes putting time frames to things helps pass the time.

I just took things one day at a time for the first trimester and looked forward to scans/ appointments.
I did have two private scans as the wait until the nhs scan felt so long.
Also reading on the nhs website was helpful as to what to expect from appointments and reading other experiences on here kept me going.
Hope this helps, keep going.. the time will pass before you know it! Flowers

crazychemist · 25/06/2020 19:25

I had quite bad insomnia during the first trimester, and I’ve heard it n be caused by all the fluctuating hormones. Could it be that the disturbed sleep is due to that, which then makes you more anxious, rather than being caused by the anxiety itself?

It seems to be quite normal to be anxious, and it’s tricky to know when to tell people, especially under the current circumstances.

I assume this is your first baby? You’ll probably be disappointed by your first appointment or two - it feels like it takes aaaaaages to get to anything interesting! Your booking appointment is usually around/before 10 weeks, but it’s just taking your history and filling in a big form. There’s really not a lot going on with appointments until your dating scan. The first trimester just drags on, with potential for exhaustion and sickness, but nothing interesting to say to anyone and no bump!

lockdownpregnancy · 25/06/2020 20:41

I was a mess my first trimester! The worry of everything and if baby is ok was so overwhelming! Regular melt downs, panic attacks, crying all the time!
I suffer with anxiety anyway but it was way beyond anything I had experienced before. After my 12 weeks scan I began to calm down, but didn't really calm down properly until after my 20 week scan.
It's awful to feel how you do when you know you should be enjoying it!
Whilst my physical pregnancy symptoms were never really there in my first trimester, it was very mentally challenging for me.
Try to keep talking to your DP, family member or close friend. Don't keep it bottled up, otherwise you will just get worse xx

Anlyska · 26/06/2020 14:27

this is my second pregnancy and the first one was unfortunately terminated due to a very young age with my ex boyfirend... However, Im with a different parner and have been for 6 years now, we are both 25. I am just panicking as my blood type is A rh- and my partners is an rh+. Now, Im unsure of whether I had the anti D injection or not because it was such a long time ago.. I am a you are right, days are soo looong, ita taking forever, I just wanna know if everything is ok with the baby :(

OP posts:
SunflowerOwl · 26/06/2020 15:49

Hey, I have no advice really as I'm the same but i just wanted you to know that you aren't alone. I've just found I'm 4 weeks pregnant and frankly, I'm a mess. I thought me and my husband would be deliriously happy and excited but it's all I can do to go a few hours without bursting into tears with anxiety. I've made a phone doctors appointment to hopefully talk my feelings through, could you do the same?

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