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Lack of morning sickness

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SunshineAsh · 25/06/2020 12:51

So I have just found out I am pregnant at 37yrs old (I have PCOS).

Due to the fact I have long cycles and I am unsure how far along I am.
I had my last period mid April and 2 weeks ago I done a test which was negative, last week (Wednesday) I got my positive.

I was feeling really dizzy and just felt like I needed to take the test. I have since taken 3 and all positive... but I have got carried away reading (I know its never good to use Dr Google), and I have started to worry myself.

Most pages say morning sickness is a sign the pregnancy is going well. But, I haven't had morning sickness or nausea. I do get really dizzy but just tend to lie down if I am dizzy (as I am only currently working from home 2 days a week).

Is the fact that I don't have morning sickness a negative sign? Or would the dizziness I have be viewed positively. I have been reading too much and then stressing.. and putting that stress onto my DH.

I have a dating scan tomorrow but have to go alone due to Covid19. I am really worried how things will go. Based on my apps I could be about 8 and a half weeks... but it may be less (as I could have ovulated later due to the PCOS).

OP posts:
Aquamarine1029 · 25/06/2020 12:54

I never had morning sickness in either of my pregnancies, in fact, aside from some triedness, I didn't have issues at all. My children are both healthy adults now. Symptoms or lack there of are not an indicator of a viable pregnancy.

MrsMcCarthysFamousScones · 25/06/2020 12:59

I didn’t suffer any morning sickness at all and DS is now a strapping teenager.

CoalCraft · 25/06/2020 13:01

I haven't had any morning sickness or nausea at all, only maybe a tiny bit of queasiness butbnothing significant. Had 12 week scan yesterday and all looks fine!

I remember reading that about 1 in 3 pregnancies aren't affected by morning sickness at all. When I saw a doctor for something unrelated I mentioned not feeling sick and she said it was a good thing, not that it matters for baby either way but it meant I was more comfortable and "tolerating pregnancy well" (her words).


1990shopefulftm · 25/06/2020 13:02

I had none at all and baby is perfectly healthy so far and I m 22 weeks. Midwife told me some people just get lucky and it doesn't mean there's anything wrong at all :)

SunshineAsh · 25/06/2020 13:08

That's just made me feel more comfortable. The websites just talk about morning sickness being the 'normal'. Also, my three sisters all had some morning sickness and my mum always tells us of the horror stories because she was hospitalised a few times with hyperemesis. So I also always thought I would get morning sickness.

Thank you for the reassurance :)

OP posts:
Aquamarine1029 · 25/06/2020 13:10

Morning sickness is normal. It's also normal not to have it. What your mum and sisters experienced during their pregnancies is totally irrelevant.

sohypnotic · 25/06/2020 13:16

I have PCOS, fell pregnant first month of trying but didn't believe it until scan. I also had no sickness or nausea throughout whole pregnancy. Try not to read too much into symptoms, every pregnancy different, it's an anxious time in normal circumstances, but you'll go crazy with everything else happening right now. Good luck at your scan.

lockdownpregnancy · 25/06/2020 13:21

I haven't had any morning sickness at all! Currently 26 weeks and other than the odd day feeling off, or queasy I got nothing!
My baby boy is healthy and happily kicking the crap out of me on a daily basis!
Morning sickness is just one of the symptoms that may have, but not necessarily.
You may be one of the lucky ones like me and the other pp's. Don't worry too much.
Most of us on here say that as long as you're not bleeding heavily or in serious pain then most of the time everything is fine 🥰
Congratulation! X

LlamaofDrama · 25/06/2020 14:01

Congratulations on your pregnancy! I'm another one. No morning sickness (I had an incredibly easy pregnancy and was very well right through); I was also 37, 38 when DD was born. She's now 10 and also very healthy!

Don't worry about it. Being a parent gives you an endless supply of things to worry about!

bluebell94 · 25/06/2020 22:25

I had no morning sickness at all, just dizziness, tiredness and headaches for first trimester. My baby is absolutely fine but I was also worried as thought i should be feeling sick, turns out some of us are just lucky enough to miss that! Smile

sel2223 · 25/06/2020 22:30

Symptoms come and go at different times as well. My morning sickness didn't hit until 7 weeks+ so maybe it just hasn't started for you yet if you're not that far along yet.
Or maybe you're just one of the lucky ones!
Is it an NHS scan you're having or a private one?

Stormblessed · 25/06/2020 22:43

Another one here with no morning sickness and a very easy pregnancy overall Smile

SunshineAsh · 26/06/2020 17:17

Unfortunately my scan showed an ectopic pregnancy. So i have to go back to hospital on Sunday. They are hoping it naturally 'dissolves' but I have to be monitored in case it requires surgery.

Someone asked if it was a NHS scan it was but due to being unsure of dates due to PCOS.

OP posts:
lockdownpregnancy · 26/06/2020 17:51

Awwwwwwwww no OP what a shame 😢
Wishing you all the best ❤️

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