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Will they induce me ? Lockdown help

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MummaL32 · 24/06/2020 04:28

They're are hundreds of threads however they seem to be years old and with current world being what it is I am so lost

38 weeks pregnant I baby no 4

I have the most horrific spd can
Hardly walk and sciatica which I now can't get any treatment for as everything is shut Phyisco can only do over the phone help and I've tried everything!
My partner bless him will sit for hours and hours trying to massage me to help relieve it and it doesn't last longer then 5 minutes I've tried to naturally Induce labour at home this week as I just can't cope i have tried EVERYTHING I am crying in pain every day I don't know who to turn too. If lockdown wasn't in place I would be able to get some help professionally to relieve it other then being prescribed cocoadmol which I also don't like taking. As no home methods have worked I am assuming he's not quiet ready to be pushed out even tho he's dropped so low and is pushing down on my cervix constantly should add my previous three was all early 35-36-37.5 at such a loss at what to do

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TenThousandSpoons0 · 24/06/2020 07:35

Sorry you’re in such pain. In my experience it’s difficult to get an induction “just” for SPD and particularly unlikely before 39 weeks. I would phone your midwife and ask to be referred for discussion of induction - if you get pushback tell her you’re aware of good evidence that proves better outcomes for Mum and baby with induction at 39 weeks (google ARRIVE trial), and you would like to be seen for this in view of your severe SPD. I think you’ll have better luck if you approach it in a reasoned way and argue for 39 weeks but if you strike the right people you maaaay have luck earlier. Getting referred to a doc is the first hurdle it seems - you’ll find most doctors shouldbe sympathetic and will be aware that induction at or after 39 weeks is a good idea for women who want it. Not sure what impact Covid restrictions will have on policies though. Also ask for stretch and sweeps - at least twice per week. Also - may not get better straight away afterward, is there any way you could access a video consult with a physio or something? Best of luck

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