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Anyone experienced nausea in third trimester? Is this normal?

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Ella5555 · 23/06/2020 12:53


I I had really severe nausea up until I was about 16 weeks which felt like a lifetime. Thrilled when it finally subsided and had an appetite again and could go back to normal life. This week I’ll be entering my third trimester and this past week I’ve been getting really sudden nausea that’s very reminiscent of the morning sickness I used to have. Please don’t tell me it’s back with a vengeance! Has anyone else had this? Any tips? I thought all the sickness stopped more or less after the first trimester

Thanks in advance for any help ! X

OP posts:
Sunsage · 23/06/2020 13:12

I've just came into my third trimester and I feel like my nausea is back, and generally just not feeling as fresh as I did in the second 😭

lockdownpregnancy · 23/06/2020 13:27

Same here. Just coming into my third and I have an upset stomach and feel vile and queasy.
Feel like the life has been zapped out me the last few days.
Oh well! Only 14 weeks to go ....... 😫😫😫😫

Superscientist · 23/06/2020 13:56

My nausea and sickness returned at 25 weeks. It is not as bad as the first trimester but I have had to have a few days off work with it and need anti nausea meds on my worst days.

2020Aug · 23/06/2020 14:00

My nausea returned about 25/26 weeks. I'm nearly 33 weeks and it seems to come and go, some days are worse than others. Hope you start to feel better soon!

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