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Can't breathe!

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blue122 · 23/06/2020 09:34

Has anyone got any advice on how to help shortness of breath in late pregnancy? My baby is breech and at a scan 4 days ago he's estimated to be weighing 6 pounds. I'm not big myself and his head and feet are wedged underneath my ribs and have been for weeks.

I'm 35 weeks and literally can't breathe sometimes, I'm sitting in bed and no position I get into helps. It's getting so scary. Any advice from anybody?☹️

OP posts:
clo1992 · 23/06/2020 09:38

Sounds scary. I'm 34 + 3 and baby has just turned and it's very uncomfortable having a head in your ribs but I can't say I ever couldn't breath. I'd be short of breath. Maybe you should ask your midwife for advice?

blue122 · 23/06/2020 09:45

@clo1992 thank you for replying. I bet it was such a nice feeling when your baby turned and took their head away from your ribs! I'm trying everything to get mine to do it everyday but it's not happening annoyingly! I am booked in for moxibustion at the hospital on Friday, my midwife has pretty much said that there isn't much that can be done for it🤷‍♀️ I have no idea what to do. Worst feeling ever!

OP posts:
clo1992 · 23/06/2020 09:49

Oh that's horrible :(
I'm really small to. And midwife said not a chance she will turn now as my tummy is absolutely solid and Iv got amazing stomach muscles 🙈 but she did :)
I don't no if your baby ever goes transverse or has super active sessions but get on all fours. I done that. Don't no if that's what done the trick or if she just done it 😆

Haggisfish · 23/06/2020 09:54

I found getting on all fours helped sometimes. I remember the feeling so clearly when they lifted dd out during my cs. I could breathe! I took a huge breath.

OhWifey · 23/06/2020 09:59

The feeling of being able to lie on my back and breathe after birth was genuinely euphoric. It was like a drug for weeks.

Mummyspider27 · 23/06/2020 11:04

I could be writing this myself! It’s horrible and makes me panic sometimes. I can’t wait to breathe again!!! X

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