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Hating being pregnant

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Littleelffriend · 23/06/2020 08:14

Hi everyone
I'm currently 37+5 with my second baby, my first was born at 36 weeks due to my waters breaking and was induced. Every day, I wake up absolutely miserable. Everything hurts, I'm so tired, and I'm starting to resent my unborn child, which I know makes me sound like a monster. This baby was very much planned/wanted but I feel like I physically can't cope with being pregnant anymore, not even for a day. I think lockdown is making everything worse (I'm in Scotland so most things still not allowed). How can I get through the last few weeks? I'm not excited, I don't talk to my bump. I'm finishing for maternity leave in a week, but my 4YO's nursery is still closed and my partner is on furlough so even that isn't going to be how I imagined. I hate myself that I've become so detached from a baby that I wanted so much.

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Persipan · 23/06/2020 09:15

You don't sound like a monster at all! You sound really uncomfortable and fed up, which is perfectly reasonable. Your baby will not come to any harm, or be impacted negatively at all, if you aren't talking to your bump or just sitting around serenely awaiting their arrival. Promise.

Is there anything nice you can carve out time to do for yourself?

Littleelffriend · 23/06/2020 09:21

Thanks for the reply Persipan, I just feel so low. I could talk to the midwife but I can't really think that they could do anything to help. My partner is furloughed, and great, so I have time to do whatever I want really, but I'm having such a self pity party that I can't think of anything to do. We live by the sea, so will maybe try and go for a walk on my own later after work, see if the sea air helps.

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EithneBlue · 23/06/2020 09:28

I can't offer personal advice as I'm a first time parent and not as far along as you - but what I will say is this: lots of my friends with kids hated the final few weeks. You're not a monster: you're completely normal! Sea air sounds like a great idea - and hopefully some people will come on here with some helpful tips for you :-)

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