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Positive loss of symptoms stories?

19 replies

MinesALatte · 22/06/2020 14:24

Sorry for the panicky post but I’m 6+4 and all symptoms have gone. This Saturday I was crying due to how nauseous I felt, Sunday it eased a bit and today completely gone. My boobs have grown and been agony but they feel smaller today and nowhere near as painful. I’ve had no bleeding or cramping but I suffered a miscarriage in February and am so worried this will be a missed miscarriage. I have a scan on Friday which isn’t too far away but I’m so worried.

OP posts:
BingerGiscuit · 22/06/2020 15:04

Didn’t want to read and run... I’m in a similar position so can’t offer advice Sad

happygolucky6 · 22/06/2020 15:27


I'm 36 weeks pregnant now but when I was in the early stages I remember having days where the symptoms would be extreme and then other days where they were barely there and then I'd almost miss them! As much as they're shitty they're reassuring in their own way!

Even now a few weeks off birth I get some days where I feel really tired and other days full of beans! I think it's just like a hormonal rollercoaster.

Try not to worry too much. If you have any bleeding, pain etc then of course seek help. But some days i just felt better than others. Some days I needed deep heat patches for my cramps and back ache and other days I was fine. It's hard not to worry, especially when these little baby's are so precious. Xx

Lib3rtine · 22/06/2020 15:39

Hi, I’m 9+5 today and my symptoms went completely at 7+3. I went from being exhausted to full of energy, no sore boobs and no nausea all overnight. I was convinced it was a MMC and booked a private scan last week and everything was absolutely fine with the baby. I even went in and said I was expecting bad news! The lady who did the scan said some people are just lucky and their body deals with the changes to it better than others. Try not to worry, (I know easier said than done) it’s most likely everything is fine xx

welshladywhois40 · 22/06/2020 16:08

Feeling similar - at about 8 weeks and my sickness stopped on Saturday which is similar to what happened before my second miscarriage so obviously I am now a wreck.

Going for scan tomorrow am (privately) as I jut can't concentrate

MinesALatte · 22/06/2020 16:47

Thank you PPs for the positive stories and really kind words. I know symptoms can come and go but this feels quite extreme Sad trying to just crack on and not think about it but so hard!

@welshladywhois40 good luck for tomorrow, let us know how you get on Flowers

OP posts:
Piccalily19 · 22/06/2020 20:33

Hi @MinesALatte, I’m not much help but thought I’d post as I’m 6+5 (I think) and in the same situation. From testing positive at around week 4 to about a week ago I felt on and off quesy and off my food, heavy boobs, loads of bloating and generally just feeling pregnant (never been pregnant before but Yano, I felt off). Now for the last week I’ve felt barely anything :/ I had theeee smallest and lightest pink when I wiped last weekend, like not even blood, just like my wee wipe was really light pink. I was expecting it to get worse but it didn’t. So yeh, no use but I’m with you on the worry front! Id already had an early 8 week scan booked so I’m just waiting it out for that. Hope your scan goes ok 🤞🏻

MrsW2603 · 22/06/2020 21:20

I lost all my symptoms during week 6 for them to come back halfway through week 7 with avengance. They went again last week (9w) but I had a scan today (10+1) and everything's fine, if wasn't for the scan and the constant weeing I wouldn't know I was pregnant.

Terriergrrrrrrrr · 22/06/2020 21:42

All my symptoms stopped at 9.5wks. He's 18 now. Try not to worry and best of luck.

Lucyabraham87 · 22/06/2020 21:47

Last 2 pregnancies I was so sick, and miscarried both (17 weeks and 8 weeks). This time round i was so sick I bought sickness bands, only for the day they turned up my sickness completely dissappeared at about 7 weeks. Was so scared, but I'm now 32 weeks pregnant and all seems OK.

LittleGem638 · 22/06/2020 21:59

Hi :)
I understand your anxiety as I had a MMC in December 2019. I am 20 weeks pregnant today and everything is fine.
I lost my symptoms at around 6 weeks, i no longer had sore boobs and just generally felt 'unpregnant'. I called my Early Pregnancy Unit as I was so anxious and they offered me a scan (just before lockdown) and everything was fine, although no heartbeat was detected so I went back the following week and little baby had a heartbeat.
Take it easy on yourself and maybe give you EPU a call to see if they can reassure you? Sending hugs as I know exactly how you are feeling x

BeMorePacific · 22/06/2020 22:11

I was a nervous wreck in the 1st trimester, but now 21 weeks and all fine. Symptoms do surge and reduce throughout pregnancy. I would recommend NOT retaking pregnancy tests. I took a lot, and got really worried as they were lighter. But there was nothing wrong. I know it feels a lifetime away, but you will be at your 12 week scan before you know it. Sending you lots of love xxx

MinesALatte · 22/06/2020 23:10

Can’t thank you all enough for your words of support and understanding! It’s so comforting to read. I know I asked for positive stories so there’s a flip side to this but your stories have calmed me down and I feel better tonight. It’s such an anxious time and you just want to know how it’s going in there!

You’re all so kind, thank you Flowers

@Piccalily19 I hope your scan goes ok too! Hope the week and a bit flies past for you x

OP posts:
LizzyAnna99 · 22/06/2020 23:19

36 weeks pregnant now and I woke up at 10 weeks with absolutely no symptoms after being immensely sick for 12 hours a day, fatigued so much I couldn’t sleep, unable to eat anything at all. All is fine, I worried too but it will be your placenta starting to take over!

MrsRose2018 · 23/06/2020 08:00


Ive seen/see so many posts like this, almost every day. And every time the mammas day it’s absolutely nothing to worry about! Symptom surge and decrease over the first trimester!! It’s really nothing to worry about or an indicator of anything worrying!

Conversely you see the sad stories of women who have MCs/blighted ovum’s etc who are still having severe pregnancy symptoms - sadly that was happened to me last year! I had an anembrionic pregnancy and my morning sickness/tiredness/sore boobs were terrible until the day I had my surgical management!

It’s so hard not to worry about everything during pregnancy but so try not to worry about this! If you can’t put your mind at rest you may want to consider getting private bloods/HCGs done (like I did this pregnancy) or even a private scan when you are a little further on!

Take care of yourself xxx

weareyoung · 23/06/2020 08:03

My symptoms stopped between 7-10 weeks in both my pregnancies.

The results of those pregnancies are now 11 and 5 years old, and currently beating the shit out of each other.

Hope it goes well for you. Thanks

Chanel05 · 23/06/2020 08:03

I had this at 7+1, had a scan and baby was fine. Symptoms returned a few days later. I'm now 28+0.

MinesALatte · 23/06/2020 08:46

@weareyoung 😂😂 Thank you

@MrsRose2018 I know I’m bonkers for asking as every pregnancy is different and as you say you get the positive and the negative side. So sorry for your loss, that must have been horrendous, and so cruel you still had symptoms. Thank you for your kind words ☺️

OP posts:
MrsRose2018 · 23/06/2020 08:54

Aww OP you aren't bonkers!!! Pregnancy is a hormonal and scary scary time!!

It was absolutely horrendous BUT I'm 37 weeks on Saturday and being induced so the world has a funny way of working itself out eventually!

Absolute best of luck to you and your pregnancy and try try try be kind to yourself xx

welshladywhois40 · 23/06/2020 11:13

Hello. Have returned from scan with a heartbeat. Measuring at 9 weeks so a little ahead of my dates and she assured me all was as expected for where I am.

So good news for today and we are going to focus on that for now.

I read somewhere with my first that worrying. Through pregnancy is normal and all practice for motherhood !

Good luck to all ladies on this post

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