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Inner thigh pain - it burnnssss!

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2020firsttimemum · 21/06/2020 23:50

Over the last couple of weeks my inner thighs (particularly and mostly my right) has been SO sore. It's got worse from just being sore to touch the skin to now affecting me by hindering walking, moving in bed etc. It hurts to keep my thighs together so as you can imagine, trying to get comfortable to sleep is not easy.

I've already been to the hospital as they thought I had DVT but that's all clear but they couldn't give me an explanation as to what they thought it was... the pain in my inner right thigh goes pretty much all the way down my calf now too.

Anyone else had this? What was it? I'm 38 + 2 by the way!

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2020firsttimemum · 22/06/2020 13:45


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