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Anxiety sufferer

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PollyOaks · 21/06/2020 14:41

Hi all, I know to some of you this may seem ridiculous and OTT but I have major anxiety anyway and pregnancy has heightened it.. I had a private scan yesterday and was 10wks5days would you say I can actually relax now and let my guard down that I am actually going to be a mum? Or should I not let myself be happy until I've reached my 12 week scan? I feel like everytime I let myself be happy things go wrong but I know my worry is now holding my husband back from being happy about the pregnancy.. It doesn't help that we had a mmc last year (stopped growing at 7wks5days but not found until 11wks).

OP posts:
3468jackie · 21/06/2020 15:02

Relax and enjoy your pregnancy, you're doing great and baby is fine, enjoy this time. I am a chronic worrier and I know what it like but I wish I had taken every day as it comes and try to think positive. It can become a habit worrying and it's drain g on you and your family. Try to do some meditation every day and get into the habit of shutting down bad thoughts and try to switch to happy thoughts instead. I am trying to do this myself as I have spent many years worrying needlessly.

lockdownpregnancy · 21/06/2020 16:28

OP I know how you feel. I was a mess up until my 12 weeks scan (was 13+1) when I had it. I had a few days of being relaxed and then I started worried again until my anomaly scan at 20 weeks. Once I found out baby is growing big and strong I have really started to look forward to being a mommy!
Anxiety is a bitch at the best of times let alone when pregnant, so I feel your pain!
As pp said you're doing a great job and try and enjoy it the best you can.

Phiphi123 · 21/06/2020 16:32

No amount of worry, fretting or anxiety can change the future. Easier said than done but do what you can to just enjoy the now. I suffer with anxiety and panic disorder so understand how tough it can be, especially with a baby thrown into the mix. I hope you manage to enjoy some of your pregnancy. Lots of hugs xx

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