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How to dry milk up after birth?

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EverythingBlue2020 · 21/06/2020 10:44

Hi all, I'm having my baby shortly via a c-section and won't be breastfeeding due to the medication I'm on for epilepsy.

I never really thought about my milk afterwards but would like to be prepared and buy a few essentials to help speed the process up.

Is it easier/quicker to dry milk up if you've not expressed or breastfed at all? Or will it still likely be a long process?

OP posts:
Harryno · 21/06/2020 19:27

Hi there,

Chat to your doctor, my friend couldn’t breastfeed for a similar reason and she was prescribed a tablet (I believe you only need to take one) after giving birth. She still got full boobs but they quickly subsided.

Good luck!

crazychemist · 22/06/2020 11:12

Speak to GP. Friend of mine was prescribed (oestrogen I think?) something to reduce milk supply for a similar reason. I would still get some breast pads though, as you are likely to leak in the first couple of days and may get engorgement at day 3 before things subside.

therewerefour · 22/06/2020 11:15

I just used breast pads and left my boobs alone from the advice of midwives and it dried up and my boobs went down rather quickly.

Bumbers · 22/06/2020 11:26

I was unable to have the medication to stop milk coming on due to high blood pressure during birth (it was tragically a stillbirth).

So, if you aren't given that option - the advice was not to touch/stimulate at all. Wear a bra to compress e.g. sports bra. Then cold cabbage leaves to ease, def needed breast pads. It does hurt a bit, but can take e.g. paracetamol.

Good luck and congratulations.

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