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Restless legs

4 replies

Chazzii95 · 20/06/2020 21:33

help! i'm around 6weeks pregnant and suffering really badly with restless legs and jaw ache (like i'm clenching)
What are some home remmedies/tips?

OP posts:
OneIsAWorldOfBooks · 20/06/2020 21:39

I’m 29 weeks and have been suffering on and off from restless arms and legs. Have you had your iron levels checked recently as it can be linked? Mine are very low.

Mine seems to bother me when I get into bed in the evenings. I’ve found it helps if I have the bedroom window open to keep it as cool as possible, I’ve also been having a soak in the bath before I get into bed to relax and if it’s really bad some progressive muscle relaxation (clenching and releasing each muscle group in turn from toes to head) or getting DP to rub my shoulders. Hope it goes soon, it’s horrible!

Gerdticker · 20/06/2020 21:46

Agree to get iron checked

I find cooling my legs down by putting a cold shower on them before bed helps a lot

Also plenty of vigorous massage by you or DP with oil - any kind, just to make it slippy, so olive oil or whatever is fine!

Wotsits4357542 · 20/06/2020 22:33

Tonic water is meant to help it don’t know if it’s true but I’ve had restless arms and legs the other night so ran out the next morning and got some from Aldi x

CoolNoMore · 20/06/2020 23:49

Oooh, tonic water! Hadn't thought of that. The quinine is good for muscle cramping, so that makes sense. Stretching before bed is the only thing that seems to help for me so far.

If you think you are clenching your jaw, I'd get a gum shield asap. Grinding my teeth at night has caused a few problems for me, but I now wear a retainer/ splint every night to prevent further damage.

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