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Has anyone EVER managed to prevent stretch marks?

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carlablack · 20/06/2020 07:49

I want to know if it's possible for someone to avoid stretch marks using creams and oils. I have them everywhere but my belly. Mom says she avoided them by applying creams but then again, she doesn't have any stretch marks on her body.

Has anyone who had marks before managed to prevent them from happening during pregnancy? If it's not possible I won't bother with creams and all...

OP posts:
BabyDancer · 20/06/2020 19:39

I'm using a Secret Saviours band for support but also because it's clinically proven to reduce your chances of getting stretch marks by approx. 30% and those that did get stretch marks were less noticeable.

GraceChurch · 20/06/2020 19:43

It's genetic. All stretchmarks eventually fade creams oils or not. If your mum had them or not doesnt mean you will be the same as might have inherited your dads genes.

noseresearch · 21/06/2020 00:52

I never understood the hype behind bio oil - there is no scientific evidence to suggest it can help/prevent stretch marks or atrophic scarring, highly doubt any dermatologist would recommend it

noseresearch · 21/06/2020 01:00

FYI OP, I did a quick search on stretch marks on google scholar...

A 2014 study ‘Stretch marks during pregnancy: a review of topical prevention’ published in the British Journal of Dermatology concluded:
“We conclude that reliable methods for preventing SG are scarce. Furthermore, available topical modalities generally lack strong evidence from rigorous, well‐designed, randomized controlled trials with ample numbers of subjects. Thus, further research is necessary to elucidate SG pathogenesis, which may lead to effective prevention modalities.”

The study found weak evidence that centella, or hyaluronic acid may help

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