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Very early pregnancy symptoms?

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Catmumma90 · 20/06/2020 01:36

I apologise in advance if this turns all rambly, but here's the deal.

I've been feeling nauseous since Wednesday. This has been accompanied by tiredness, gas (from both ends), abdominal pain and tonight sore breasts.

Up until tonight I thought it was just a gut problem that was taking longer than normal to clear, but when I got pain in my breasts I was like "hold on a minute, that's not normal!"

I'm on the pill and accidentally missed 2 last week. Had unprotected sex on Saturday and Sunday (with long-term boyfriend) and I haven't seen him since before lockdown so that would be the only time for conception (have had periods since last time we slept together).

So if I was pregnant it'd be like 5-6 days post-conception and I didn't think symptoms would start this early. Because I'm on the pill I have no idea about ovulation timings or anything and know I can't test for another week or so... but my mind is now spinning and I cannot sleep for wondering if I'm pregnant or not?!

OP posts:
MammaBear18 · 20/06/2020 01:39

It's unlikely I think. It takes 7-10 for the fertilised egg to implant so it would be very very early for symptoms and they don't usually start in full force as HCG had to build up.

LouisLitt1 · 21/06/2020 08:28

I never felt nauseous or sore boobs until after my period was late and I got my positive test.

BlusteryShowers · 21/06/2020 08:59

I don't believe in early pregnancy "symptoms". Once HCG is at a certain level at around 5 weeks you may notice some differences and that's when morning sickness generally kicks in. Anything before a missed period is probably coincidence.

At 5 days post ov, the egg probably hasn't implanted yet.

bubblesforlife · 21/06/2020 12:01

I think I conceived on a Wednesday and by Sunday I had so many pregnancy symptoms. Bloating, stretching pains, fatigue, I’m 6 weeks now.
So it is possible.
Actually my symptoms have improved since week 5, the first 2 were awful, I was awake at night with pains and had insomnia. Thankfully that has all stopped.
Just listen to your body and take it easy. Don’t test too early, wait till 14 dpo if you can.

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