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Bag contents tips for birthing partner - what to pack?

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BabyCJuly · 19/06/2020 22:06

Hi there,

My husband is my birthing partner.

He was going to bring some bits for himself.

Tips please?

Thanks so much :) xx

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BabyCJuly · 21/06/2020 20:53


OP posts:
glasshalfsomething · 21/06/2020 20:54

Snacks! Don’t let him have any of yours, you’ll regret it 😂

mrslillian · 21/06/2020 21:01

I'm packing snacks and a drink for my husband, as well as toothbrush and toothpaste, comb, deodorant and a change of pants and T-shirt. Maybe a pillow as well if it will fit

crazychemist · 21/06/2020 21:34

Food. They’ll bring something for you after the birth and you’ll get meals on the ward for the duration of your stay, but your DH won’t. When I had DD my DH popped to the hospital cafe, but I think a lot of them are closed, so at least some sandwiches and snack bars or something. Flask of coffee - it might be a long night, you’ll be running on adrenaline but he might need a pick me up.

Is he allowed to stay on the ward overnight? Mine was, but some places are obviously being more restrictive right now, if he is, he’ll be snoozing in a chair - bring a travel pillow or something, maybe eye shade/ear plugs as hospitals are never dark or quiet. Flannel so he can have a wash in the morning - yes there are showers on the ward, but he might make himself unpopular if he uses it! Plus, sometimes they get a bit unhygienic between checks as everyone is bleeding.... better to just have a flannel wash in a sink. He can always pop home for a proper shower if you end up being in for more than one night. Toothbrush and stuff.

DemolitionBarbie · 21/06/2020 21:36

I recommend (for you and for him) an overflow bag for if you're in for longer than a day or so. More pants, pyjamas, food etc - keep in boot of car in case it's needed. Easier than trying to find things at home.

Superscientist · 22/06/2020 09:54

I'm packing anything that I would pack for as essential for a weekend away. Plus food and drink.
Our maternity ward is operating a once they are allowed in they aren't allowed out policy currently so everything we might need must be included in our hospital bag(s).

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