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Pregnancy Book and Baby Websites

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Liande · 19/06/2020 21:18

Hi there,

Has anyone got any recommendations for a good,
up to date pregnancy book please? I feel like I’ve completely forgotten everything from when I had my first years ago Shock I need to start thinking about my birth plan etc and not sure where to start.

I’d also love to hear of some good online baby website recommendations for products etc please - I am currently staying at home and not going to the shops and missing baby magazines!

Thank you Smile

OP posts:
thattravelphotographer · 19/06/2020 21:30

I have found The Positive Birth Book by Milli Hill really good. Covers everything from the obvious labour, but also writing birth plans, pa king hospital bags and the first few days after birth.

bubblesforlife · 19/06/2020 23:00

I’m reading “your no guilt pregnancy plan” by Rebecca Schiller.
It’s really easy to ready, straight talking. Even my DH picked it up and commented he liked how it presented the information and would read it after me

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