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Measuring smaller than I thought

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Kelcat9494 · 19/06/2020 19:14


I had an early scan on the 6th June and I thought I was 7 weeks pregnant as my last period was on the 18th April but when I measured at 5 weeks and 5 days, there was a heartbeat and she said everything was fine, is it normal to be a week and a bit out?


OP posts:
MadameDePompadour · 19/06/2020 19:22

Hi! I had an early scan at what I thought was 7+5 and measured exactly a week behind at 6+5. The new measurement really didn’t add up as far as my LMP was concerned and I was also really definitive about ovulation date and the occasion on which I conceived. I was a bit worried about it but sonographer was quite dismissive. As it turned out when I had my 12 week scan At 12 weeks exactly I was Actually 13 weeks and given a corresponding due date so he kinda caught up. These things seem to be out by a few days and it can be unsettling but if my experience Is anything to go by you are absolutely fine and may even ‘correct’ to what you thought at the 12week scan! Congrats on your lovely little bean 🥰

crazychemist · 19/06/2020 19:22

Do you know for definite when you ovulated? Not everyone ovulates the same number of days after the start of a period, so maybe it wasn't the standard 14 days after period (I was tracking mine, and was usually between day 18 & 25, although sometimes wildly outside that!)

Also, there's a reason why they do the dating scan later on than this - measurements are not reliable at this stage - because the baby is so small, a small error in measurement (easily done) can lead to a big difference in estimated age.

sel2223 · 19/06/2020 21:55

I went for an early scan when I should have been 7+5 from LMP but baby only measured 6+1. She'd caught up a week by my dating scan and I'm now 32 weeks.

The fact you saw a heartbeat is very promising.

mable88 · 19/06/2020 22:00

I think it is pretty normal early on, I had a scan at what I though was 6 weeks and was dated at 5, then three weeks later was dated at 9 on the dot and then was put forward by 2 days at my 22 week scan. 31 weeks now and all looking good Smile

BabyG123 · 19/06/2020 23:48

I'm expecting this as I have long cycles so I know I'm a week behind as I know when I ovulated

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