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Constant bleeding 13.5 weeks

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passthejeroboam · 16/06/2020 14:19

Hi all,

I'm looking for someone to give me some advice/reassurance...

I am 13 + 4 weeks pregnant. I had spotting at 7 weeks and 10 weeks - was checked out and a small subchorionic haemorrhage if less than 1cm was found.

At 11 weeks I had a massive bleed (clots etc). I ended up in A&E who gave me fluids and said probably a miscarriage. However when I went to confirm a few days later at EPU, baby was still there, and haemorrhage had grown to almost 2cm.

The bleeding stopped, and my 12 week scan (when I was 12+6) could find no sign of the haematoma.

However I started bleeding very heavily again on Sunday. I went back to EPU the same day no reason can be found for bleeding. It's now Tuesday and I'm still bleeding heavily. I don't feel like this pregnancy is going to end well, and I just feel totally in limbo and confused. I already have an 18 month old, and the pregnancy with him was completely uncomplicated.

Has anyone been in a similar situation or have any words of advice? I know I could go back to EPU but lovely as they are, they just scan me and send me home saying there's 'nothing they can do'.

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Rachflower · 16/06/2020 14:35

Hi, don’t give up hope. I had a bleed at 7.5 weeks, no cause found. Then massive bleed at 10.5 weeks with big clots, baby was fine, they found small subchorionic haematoma. (1cm). Carried on bleeding but less. Then 12 week scan showed two SCH one 7cm, one 3cm. Carried on bleeding till 18 weeks when it finally stopped. At 20 weeks scan one SCH is gone, the other was much smaller. Now 24 weeks and all still ok. They just monitored me bit more with scan every 4 weeks. It’s really scary to go through but good to focus on staying positive each day. I heard some women bleed through whole pregnancy and baby is fine.

Rachflower · 16/06/2020 14:36

Also I found I bled more after the 12 week scan, think it agitated the haematoma.. then settled after a week to less bleeding.

passthejeroboam · 16/06/2020 14:39

Ah thank you so much for your reply. Just helps a little bit to know I'm not the only one!

It kind of takes the joy out of the whole thing - don't want to announce a pregnancy if it's not sticking around (though I have already gained 3kg and have a bump so I guess it's going to announce itself soon...)

How often did you go in to be checked? The doctor I saw on Sunday said come back if 'it's worse than a period' ... it's at least as bad as that, but I've already had 6 scans in this pregnancy and I have a job to hold down and a toddler to look after!

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passthejeroboam · 16/06/2020 14:40

Just seen your last reply - the scans seem to set mine off too which is another reason I'm reluctant to go back! Thanks so much for your reply x

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SpillTheTeaa · 16/06/2020 14:44

Gi got another scan they are there to help and give reassurance. I'd definitely call if it gets worse though.

I had a massive bleed at 12 weeks. I thought I was miscarrying. It happened on the Friday and I was due my scan on the Tuesday and no one would see me and said if I was in a lot of pain to come in. I had no pain but felt so fobbed off and broken. I booked a private scan for that night and they couldn't find any reason for me to be bleeding. I was so relived when baby was okay. He's nearly 1 now Smile.

Do go and get checked OP.

passthejeroboam · 16/06/2020 16:31

Thank you.

I had a scan on Sunday and everything was fine so I will go again if the bleeding hasn't stopped by tomorrow...

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Rachflower · 16/06/2020 16:34

At my 12 week scan the sonographer kindly booked me in for one at 16 weeks to check bleed then at 20 scan they again said they’d see me at 24 weeks to check again. I had loads of scans when I had earlier bleeds, paid privately as panicked as both times it was weekend then went to EPU on the Monday, but found scans reassuring. Managed to hold off having more scans between 12-16 weeks as bleed settled to period type amounts and didn’t have pain and knew they wouldn’t do anything if I went in. Decided to focus on being positive so started to knit a baby blanket and told people and avoided googling too much as had come across negative stories that affected me. I also took it very easy but working from home at present and don’t have other kids so prob a lot easier for me!
I hope the bleeding settles for you soon and you can start to enjoy the pregnancy. I’ve only just started to enjoy it now really, it’s been a real rollercoaster!

passthejeroboam · 16/06/2020 16:59

Thank you @Rachflower that's really helpful advice - I will try to stop worrying all the time...

I've scared myself absolutely stupid on google too and I need to stop!

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Sazzy312 · 16/06/2020 17:18

I have a hemorrhage thats actually got bigger so its been a bit of a nightmare but luckily now I am consultant led so at least I feel a bit more looked after, good luck with your pregnancy

passthejeroboam · 16/06/2020 19:58

Sorry you are going through that @Sazzy312

I hope things improve now you are getting consultant led care.

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