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Second baby bump size

18 replies

flossiegrippiter · 14/06/2020 22:29

Just looking for some reassurance really, I'm 25 weeks with my second and looking at photos my bump is the same size as I was at 35 weeks with my first! I'm carrying a bit of extra never lost baby weight which I don't tend to carry on my stomach and boobs but I'm just panicking at how huge I'm going to be with another 14 weeks to go till my planned section (medical reasons).
Anyone else finding they're much bigger second time round?!

OP posts:
LBB2020 · 14/06/2020 22:57

I’m a lot bigger this time round, I’m 22 weeks. A family member actually gasped when she saw me yesterday and declared that I was massive Sad I ended up in tears once she’d gone

flossiegrippiter · 14/06/2020 23:00

Oh no @LBB2020 some people just don't think do they! I'm due to go back to work in a couple of weeks after 3 months of furlough and I'm dreading it they'll think I look like a whale!

OP posts:
Thneedville · 14/06/2020 23:03

I was bigger earlier with second, presumably because pre-stretched! But it didn’t carry on growing in same way and bump ended up smaller by 30 plus weeks. Baby 2 was a pound lighter.

I had a colleague due same week as me, but hers was a first. I was way bigger when we were 20-something weeks, but she was bigger than me when 30-something weeks, and her baby was a bit bigger.

LBB2020 · 14/06/2020 23:03

I know, it’s a bit rude really! I know she didn’t mean it but I was so upset! I compared some photos and look the same as I did at around 30 weeks with DC1 Blush I’m dreading when the midwife starts measuring my bump!

flossiegrippiter · 14/06/2020 23:09

@Thneedville that's given me hope it might slow down towards the end!

OP posts:
LBB2020 · 14/06/2020 23:22

That’s given me some hope too!

PickledLilly · 14/06/2020 23:33

I was smaller second time around. To the point that they kept sending me for growth scans and panicking that my bump wasn’t growing. Second Baby arrived slightly bigger than first so I’m not sure where he was hiding!

onetime10 · 14/06/2020 23:42

Feeling absolutely huge this time round and struggling mentally with my size. I'm 18 weeks, I feel like I should be 26/28 weeks judging by my bump pics from first pregnancy. I'm a size 10, usually 9.5 stone but have put on a stone already with this pregnancy. Not really feeling as happy as I should.

flameprincess · 15/06/2020 07:52

I'm a size 18-20 already and didn't really show with my first until around 34 weeks, just looked a bit fatter and I remember being so sad I didn't get a proper bump. This 2nd time around I've 'popped out' at 25 weeks so I"m loving it.

Sipperskipper · 15/06/2020 07:55

Yep I’m absolutely bloody massive at 28 weeks. Am fatter anyway, but bump is massive and I look ridiculous. I look like the day I gave birth with DD1! 10 weeks to go until my planned section, no idea how my skin will stretch any further.

Sipperskipper · 15/06/2020 07:56

And I haven’t put on any weight at all during pregnancy (was v overweight to start with though) so it’s not even that!

Persiaclementine · 15/06/2020 07:57

It's the reverse for me, I had a bump at this stage in pegnancy with my first(18 weeks) and while i have the beginnings of one now when I lay down, everyone keeps saying 'are you sure your pregnant' and now I'm wworriying something is wrong.

flossiegrippiter · 15/06/2020 12:19

It's reassuring to hear I'm not the only one, and the ladies who have smaller bumps, it looks like we all worry whatever is happening! Grin

OP posts:
LBB2020 · 15/06/2020 12:37

@onetime10 you sound similar to me. I was 9st 10lb to start with, at 22 weeks I have put on 1.5 stone and feel really down about it. Hopefully as a previous poster said it will slow down

onetime10 · 15/06/2020 13:32

@LBB2020 it's awful isn't it? I feel like I should happy when I'm the opposite. Hopefully it's just these few weeks and it will slow down! I've just done my food shop, not a bit of chocolate to be seen. Big hugs to you x

sarahc336 · 15/06/2020 13:46

Yup I'm 17+6 and look like I did at about 25 weeks, it's worrying Grin it's the muscles are all looser so it holds the bump in less, how glamorous ha ha xx

sarahc336 · 15/06/2020 13:49

But just thinking if we are bigger second time round is this taken into account when our bumps do get measured because I know from my first pregnancy if your bump isn't measuring as it should be they do take this seriously, last time i was measuring 2 weeks ahead all along and this time I'm so much bigger already Grin xx

LBB2020 · 15/06/2020 13:53

@onetime10 let’s hope it slows down and we can start to feel more comfortable and confident, it’s such a shame as I loved my bump when pregnant with DC1 x

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