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8 weeks scan

21 replies

molsxox · 14/06/2020 16:14

I'm new to this app but just want some advice really.
My partner and i paid for a private scan today ( I should be 8 weeks and 4 days ) my last period was 20th April and my cycles are normally around 23 days.
She did a abdominal ultrasound and said it was very very small and no heart beat so would recommend a internal scan.
I said ok.
On a internal scan she said there was something attached to the sac but was measuring 4mm which is about 5 weeks and there was still no heart beat. She said at 5 weeks, with a interal scan, majority of the time there is still a heart beat.
Shes advised me to go home and take a pregnancy test in 2 weeks time and then return for another scan.
We came home and decided to get a test box ready to check my hcg levels. I did a clear blue how many weeks and it came back pregnant 3+ weeks.
I dont get how im suppose to wait 2 weeks now 😭 can I ring my early pregnancy unit? Even though I'm having no pain or bleeding? Symptom wise I'm having sick days but they come and go randomly.
We definitely didn't concieve a baby 5 weeks ago.
Does anyone have any advice or been through something similar ?

OP posts:
ktl1a · 14/06/2020 16:18

I'm so sorry to hear this, definitly ring your local EPU, they will hopefully be able to see you in the next few days. No way I could wait 2 weeks! Take care of yourselves x

sel2223 · 14/06/2020 16:51

So sorry you're going through this OP..

The 5 weeks would be with the 2 weeks added on to the beginning so it means you'd have conceived 3 ish weeks ago. Could that be right? Have you had any bleeding at all since 20th April? If the weeks is right then 5 weeks is still very early for a heartbeat. There's been loads of posts on here from women who had no hb at the first scan but everything was fine when they went back 2 weeks later. Was everything else there that should be? Fetal pole? Yolk sac? Etc.

My first scan I should have been 7+5 (from LMP) but baby only measured 6+1 so it does happen (I'm 31 weeks now and baby caught up by a week at the the dating scan).

It really could go either way though OP and I don't think there is much you can do now but wait, I'm afraid. I'm not sure what EPU could tell you tbh but you could always ring them for advice.

Don't test right now as it'll just stress you out more and won't give you any answers. Even if it is a MC you would still get a BFP for days, even over a week in some cases, as the hcg hormone is still in your system....that's why they say 2 weeks as it should be gone from your system by then if it's not a viable pregnancy.

I hope it's a positive outcome but don't want to fill you with false hope either. It really is just a case of wait and see now. Sorry.

molsxox · 14/06/2020 17:02

We could of possibly of conceived 3 weeks ish ago but I missed my period in May. Iv had absolutely no bleeding at all.

OP posts:
molsxox · 14/06/2020 17:16

She mentioned the sac that was OK. But didn't mention the fetal pole. It was the heart beat that I was worried about 😔

OP posts:
sel2223 · 14/06/2020 17:33

@molsxox bless you. This must be so stressful for you.

It's definitely the heartbeat and the size that are the main issues but there is only really time that will give you the answers you need.
Baby could continue to grow proportionately and there could be a heartbeat on your next scan, you could start bleeding soon and having a MC, or it could be a MMC which requires some kind of medical intervention.
I really hope it's a positive outcome for you.

When did you get your BFP?

molsxox · 14/06/2020 18:08

First positive test was 13th May. It was v faint but iv done several since then and they all come out positive.

OP posts:
Milkshake54 · 14/06/2020 18:11

@molsxox definitely call your EPU, they will likely want to scan you again and will book you in for a rescan in 10-14days time.
I know how stressful this time can be... so
I’m sorry you are going through this right now. The not knowing is the worst. ❤️

Milkshake54 · 14/06/2020 18:13

Also if you only got you BFP on the13th May, and it was faint, sounds as though your dates could add up from the scan today!

sel2223 · 14/06/2020 19:08

OP, if you were 5 weeks pregnant, then that means you would have conceived 3 weeks ago on 24th May.

molsxox · 14/06/2020 19:17

My period in may was due 20th though. Thats what I dont get😔 so when you do the calculations on due date websites it says first day of your last period ? Which was 20th April. Then it says im 8 weeks.
I'm worried it died at 5 weeks and my body hasnt rejected it

OP posts:
sel2223 · 14/06/2020 19:50

The first day of your last period calculations are an early estimate based on the average woman having a 28 day cycle and ovulating/conceiving on day 14. So on the day you miss your next period, you are technically 4 weeks pregnant....2 weeks since you ovulated plus the 2 weeks before that added on (when your positive cycle started).

Obviously it doesn't always work like that and there are a lot of variables so that's why they just use that as a guide until the dating scan around 12 weeks which actually measures your baby and gives an official EDD. This tends to be more accurate and should fit in more with when you actually conceived, plus the 2 weeks added on at the beginning. My EDD is about 5 days different to LMP date for example which fits in with when I know i must have conceived.

The worry here is that 5 weeks would mean you conceived around 24th May but you missed a period and got your BFP before that.

I would call the EPU if I was you and just see what they advise. I really am sorry you're going through this.

molsxox · 14/06/2020 20:04

Okay yeah im totally getting the calculations and I understand that its a guide and everyone is different. I was actually doing ovulation tests daily after my april period. And I tested highly feritle on the 6th may. And I marked that in my calendar as ovulation day. That was 5 and abit weeks ago ? So could this be right to my scan ?

OP posts:
sel2223 · 14/06/2020 20:09

@molsxox I don't think so OP, sorry. You still have to add that extra 2 weeks on at the beginning so ovulation on 6th May would actually make you 7+4 today and would mean you got your faint BFP at 7dpo.

It's not uncommon for the measurements to be a bit out in early pregnancy but 2-3 weeks behind is a lot.....and then there's the issue of there being no heartbeat.

I'm so sorry OP but it sounds like a MMC.

molsxox · 14/06/2020 21:14

My report from today says my ga aua is 5w5d

OP posts:
lc86 · 14/06/2020 21:29

@molsxox could you book another private scan for a few days time to see if any growth? xx

molsxox · 14/06/2020 21:36

They have told me to wait 2 weeks before I scan again 😔

OP posts:
lc86 · 14/06/2020 21:46

@molsxox bless you, I have everything crossed for you xx

LesbianMummies · 14/06/2020 21:50

The reason why they’ve told you to wait 2 weeks is because at 5 weeks you sometimes will see a heartbeat and you sometimes won’t. So it’s impossible to say either way if you’ve miscarried or you’re too early. If they gave you medication to treat the ‘miscarriage’ at this point there is a chance they could in fact be inadvertently aborting a viable pregnancy. Waiting 2 weeks allows growth to happen, if in 2 weeks there is no chance in the scan that can then confirm miscarriage and treatment discussed or show a viable pregnancy. A scan any earlier sadly won’t give you the answers you are looking for.

denbyellie · 15/06/2020 03:00

This is what I had to do 💔 wait two weeks.. just stay hopeful xxx

molsxox · 15/06/2020 06:34

Do you mind me asking what was your outcome please?

OP posts:
Isthisfinallyit · 15/06/2020 06:58

Every time that I didn't have a heartbeat when I should I miscarried. It takes time to miscarry. Either your dates are different this cycle or it's not going well. The dofficult part is that only waiting and then scanning again will give you answers.

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