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Any tips for a bedside crib?

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Rara88Cas · 14/06/2020 11:10

Hi guys, just wanting some advice as a clueless FTM, wanted a bedside crib, was considering chicco magic as I like the drop bar, but it's quite expensive, wondered if anyone had any suggestions, will pay what ever I need to but would like to save money if possible x

Thanks in advance

OP posts:
sel2223 · 14/06/2020 11:15

Would you consider a second hand crib then just buying a new mattress?
I've not tried mine out yet as only 31 weeks but I got a second hand 'snuzpod' from a friend and it's immaculate.

SansaClegane · 14/06/2020 11:18

I saw that Lidl are doing one in their baby event - starts today I think? Worth a look!

P. S. i bought one off the German amazon I think, still worked out cheaper with shipping than anything available here. That was 2013 though!

Sheera1 · 14/06/2020 11:27

I had my 1dt 10 years ago and they didn't exist and I said I would deffo get one next time I was pregnant. I am getting one from facebook marketplace. You don't use them long enough to justify full price costs and like someone said above, buy a new mattress. If you are in Scotland there is apparently a mattress in the free baby box.

101things · 14/06/2020 15:15

Agree with Sheera1! Facebook Marketplace have loads. After reading a ridiculous number of reviews, I've bought a Jané one from there, at a fraction of the cost. (It's bigger than some so last a bit longer, and works with divan-style beds, which is what we have).

Mountains91 · 14/06/2020 17:51

I bought a second hand Chico next to me, got a new mattress, wouldn’t know it wasn’t new!

Billyjoearmstrong · 14/06/2020 17:53

Have a look on smyths toys - money is an issue for me so I’m getting this one I think

HarrietM87 · 14/06/2020 19:14

There are loads of second hand next2mes around. The dream model is also drop down and the earlier models are zip down I think. All the fabric parts are washable so if you buy a new mattress (always recommended for each new baby anyway) it’s as good as new.

mynameiscalypso · 14/06/2020 19:17

I had a next to me. It was fine but in hindsight, we didn't need it as DS would repeatedly hit his head on the side when it was down so we quickly put it up and it just became a normal stand alone crib. He also didn't like sleeping in it for the first 6 weeks or so as it was too big so he slept in a Moses basket instead. It's just one of those things that's impossible to tell in advance though! I realise this is probably the least helpful comment in the world...

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