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Anyone else been told to download app for antenatal appointments?

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flashbac · 13/06/2020 21:43

I'm still awaiting my booking in appointment which is in a couple of weeks. Midwife said I need to download an app as maternity notes are all online. Anyone else experiencing this?

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Goatsdorhone · 13/06/2020 22:01

Hi - yes in my area they use badgernet portal, but I still get paper notes at each appointment that they just add to my folder. It has some advice leaflets on the portal and an appointment diary too (though it doesn't seem to update if your appointment date:time is changed) but I haven't found I've really used it much.

bookishtartlet · 13/06/2020 22:05

Yes, we have maternity notes app. Much better than the big folder i had to remember to take when having my son 5 years ago. Think they've used it here for a couple of years now.

OakleyStreetisnotinChelsea · 13/06/2020 22:05

A lot of trusts are either paperless or moving towards paperless now.

flashbac · 14/06/2020 10:54

Is it secure? I feel uncomfortable about using an app for healthcare stuff.

OP posts:
Babyshine2020 · 14/06/2020 10:58

Not for antenatal but my doctors (GP) is on an app and I can access records, book appointments and order prescriptions. They also send correspondence out over it.

I haven't had an issue but it's optional - my DH doesn't use it.

Goatsdorhone · 14/06/2020 12:30

@flashbac With badgernet you choose a 6 digit pin code so you can only access the app once you've entered your pin. It will also make you reenter if you've been inactive etc so seems pretty secure

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