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Bleeding in early pregnancy

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Nicovee · 13/06/2020 09:15

Hi everyone,

Hope you are well & staying safe. I am currently 5 weeks & 3 days pregnant with my first baby. I have started bleeding and as you can imagine I've got myself in a bit of a state. I'm trying my hardest to stay calm and not think the worst but with no prior experience it's hard to believe it isn't miscarrying! I have called the early pregnancy unit who advise to monitor it.

It is light bleeding going between red and brown blood. Wearing a pad but if I'm honest it's not really heavy enough for the pad it's more when I wipe. ( Sorry if this is to much info).

Please if you have any advice or experience I'd appreciate it x x

OP posts:
pinkglove75318 · 13/06/2020 09:20

I had this, it was at 6 weeks. Very light bleeding. Went early pregnancy unit for an early scan. Everything was fine, pregnant with twins. All fine and very healthy pregnancy. Fingers crossed for the same outcome for you ❤️

Nicovee · 13/06/2020 11:00

Thank you for your reply. Glad to hear your pregnancy went well. Fingers crossed x

OP posts:
Minkies13 · 13/06/2020 11:50

I had this when I was 6 weeks, light brown bleeding but only when I wiped. I went and got a private scan. Baby was fine and they said the bleeding was caused by a small subchorionic haematoma (most likely caused by implantation).

I've also had bright red bleeding slightly less heavy than a period during an earlier pregnancy which was accompanied by cramping. That was an early miscarriage.

If you can, go get a private scan so you don't have to wait around for the epu. I hope it all turns out well for you.

CoalCraft · 13/06/2020 14:15

I've had nearly daily bleeding from 4-5 weeks, now 10 weeks. It's always been pretty light, mostly just when I wipe, but a few times it's left marks on a pad or my underwear.

I originally called my GP, who was able to get me into epu for a scan at 7 weeks. Apart from measuring 6 weeks, everything seemed normal. Doctor had no explanation for me and suggested it would likely stop.

During booking in appointment at 9 weeks I mentioned bleeding to midwife, saying I was worried about it as it was still going on. She said to call epu, and that were able to get me in two working days later. That was at ten weeks and again, apart from measuring a week behind, everything seemed fine with baby. Different doctor, this one said it was just something that happened in some pregnancies and it didn't necessarily mean anything sinister.

Only saying all this so you know that despite what you're going through, your baby may well be completely fine. If you aren't having any cramping or significant pain, that's a very good sign. Keep an eye out for one-sided pain as that can indicate an ectopic. GP will take one-sided pain very seriously.

Nicovee · 13/06/2020 15:43

Thank you everyone. Really hoping I find out either way soon as the not knowing is terrible. Xx

OP posts:
octobersky19 · 13/06/2020 15:46

Good luck OP xx

Dixywitch19 · 13/06/2020 16:18

Hi @Nicovee I’m 6 weeks today and woke up to brown blood, as the day has progressed it’s got more pink then turned red.
I called 111 and have an appt on Monday at EPU. They told me to call back if it gets worse and it has so I did, waiting on another call back now.
I hope you’re feeling ok and I know how stressful it is, I’ve spent most of the day on the couch or in bed.
Keep us posted x

Nicovee · 13/06/2020 16:52

Aw sweetheart, I'm so sorry to hear your going through this too as it's god awful. Keep me updated. Got everything crossed for you 💞 x

OP posts:
Dixywitch19 · 13/06/2020 19:17

She said it was a threatened miscarriage and to wait until my appt on Monday. Going to be a long couple days x how’re you?

CostaCosta · 13/06/2020 19:21

I had this with both pregnancies, both fine. I wish you all the best, I found it so stressful,

Nicovee · 13/06/2020 19:49

Aw darling. I'm still bleeding but brown blood. I'm absolutely shattered as I've not managed to sleep so I just feel awful and I'm not six weeks until wed. How are you? Keep me updated x x

OP posts:
Nicovee · 13/06/2020 19:50

Yes, I'm really struggling with not knowing. It's my first baby so I have no prior experience and know your not meant to tell friends and family before 12 weeks so feeling really alone x x

OP posts:
Dixywitch19 · 13/06/2020 21:10

@Nicovee my sons with his auntie today and tonight so I’ve napped most of the day away!
I told my closest 3 friends as I felt I’d need their support whichever way it goes, and I still feel alone so I understand. I hope you’re ok op.
My husbands trying to be supportive but I don’t think he really understands x

Nicovee · 13/06/2020 21:32

@dixywitch19 mines is trying his best but nothing feels important just now. He's trying to make me smile but I just want to scream. I hope I can get some help when I turn six weeks. Let me know how you are tomorrow x

OP posts:
Dixywitch19 · 13/06/2020 21:33

I feel the same, it’s so frustrating.
I will do and you too x

Nicovee · 14/06/2020 10:22

Morning @Dixywitch19 how are you today x

OP posts:
Dixywitch19 · 14/06/2020 10:25

Think I lost the baby about 9am this morning. Big clots came away.

How’re you? X

Nicovee · 14/06/2020 10:31

Aww sweetheart. I'm so so sorry. I know nothing I say will make you feel better but if you need someone to talk too. If I'm honest I'm not even sure. It seems to be stopping and starting so I don't really understand what that means. Xx

OP posts:
Dixywitch19 · 14/06/2020 12:15

I have a scan tomorrow at EPU so I’ll know either way tomorrow.
I hope it’s good news for you x

Nicovee · 14/06/2020 13:11

Thank you babe. Keeping my fingers crossed for you x

OP posts:
Dixywitch19 · 14/06/2020 16:50

Did a cb digi last night and it said pregnant 1-2, when I should be 6+1.
Lost a big clot this morning then done a regular test and it’s barely a line. So I think I know what the scan will say x

Nicovee · 15/06/2020 07:26

Good luck today. Hopefully I will maybe get some answers too x

OP posts:
NicJayne1 · 15/06/2020 12:10


Sorry I hope you dont mind me joining in.

I'm 6 weeks + 4 and started bleeding this morning. I've been to EPU and theyve booked me in for an internal scan on Wednesday. I'm so nervous. I'm not sure what to do for the best ie rest, continue with work etc.

@dixywitch19 sorry to hear what you are going through. I have my fingers crossed for you x

Dixywitch19 · 15/06/2020 12:12

@nicjayne1 I’d rest as much as you can but if work takes your mind off of things then that’s good too. Hope you & @Nicovee are okay.

2 hours until my scan, I’ve lost all my symptoms.

Thanks for your kind words both of you x

Nicovee · 15/06/2020 12:14

Hi ladies. So I've just been in to get bloods taken as they won't scan me as too early. Need to do same again on wed before I will get an answer. Thinking of you all x

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