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UTI and a Friday night! What do I do!

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lockdownpregnancy · 12/06/2020 19:26

I've been struggling today and I know I've got a UTI (had plenty in the past so I know what they are like for me).
Like an idiot I've left it today and thought I'd be ok, but it's now 7.30pm on a Friday night and I'm not! 😫
Do I call NHS 111 or do I call the maternity assessment unit? Just not sure who to contact given my GP surgery is now closed for the weekend.
I'm not sure and I don't want to leave it over the weekend as I go back to work on Monday and I can't call in sick after having the last 13 weeks off!

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Foreverblowingbubbles18 · 12/06/2020 19:54

Do you have an out of hours hub in your area? Maybe call 111 and they'll be able to point you in the right direction of one xx

toomuchteaandcake · 12/06/2020 19:59

I got a prescription from an online doc for a UTI before. Otherwise out of hours, or if you want to test yourself see if the chemist has the pee sticks or order on amazon prime?

lockdownpregnancy · 12/06/2020 20:07

Thank you! Didn't want to bother the maternity unit if I didn't have to. Just spoken to 111 and they are getting an out of hours GP to give me a call πŸ‘πŸ»
Thank you ladies x

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MrsFrankTurner · 12/06/2020 20:08

Hi midwife here! Don't leave it until Monday call 111 and get some antibiotics - you'll start to feel very grotty over the weekend otherwise! Are you ok otherwise?

MrsFrankTurner · 12/06/2020 20:09

Oh haha just seen you've sorted it! Fab! Lots of fluids x

lockdownpregnancy · 12/06/2020 20:46

Thank you @MrsFrankTurner I've just drunk a litre of water in about 45 minutes so it made it a bit easier to have a wee so I can take a sample with me when they want one.
Other than that I'm fine. Baby is wiggling around nicely and other than the UTI I feel good πŸ‘πŸ»

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