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Which hospital to give birth in? Newport, South Wales

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kedooo · 12/06/2020 01:49

Hi, I live in Newport, South Wales (new to area) and just wondered if anyone had any advice about what hospital to give birth in as I have a few options within 30 mins, I live not far from the Royal Gwent but I've not heard great things about them from what I've read online. Initially I wanted an elective cesarean but not sure if that'll happen now so I'm wondering where would be best, I'm ideally wanting to have a birth without interventions like forceps. Thanks in advance!

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kedooo · 12/06/2020 19:24


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Alychloe · 12/06/2020 19:45

Hi, my friend had her baby in Neville Hall and said it was the best! From past experience it is a great hospital! I moved from Cwmbran a while ago and am in England now so no experience on the maternity side of things.

lc86 · 12/06/2020 19:58

I had both my girls in the royal Gwent and they were honestly amazing with both, I ended up needing an emergency section on my second and I couldn't have asked for better care

kedooo · 12/06/2020 21:25

Thanks for the replies! I went to Nevill Hall for one of my scans, the staff there seemed lovely. I've not been to the Gwent yet because of the high number of covid cases they've had I think. I had my other scan in Ebbw Vale, the hospital was really modern

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