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TTC - How soon after coming off pill can you get BFP

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Vemjs · 11/06/2020 17:20

Exactly as the subject says- with DD I fell pregnant before first period but wasn't really TTC so didn't do a test till 5 weeks.
Just wondering how soon after coming off the pill a test can show positive?!

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Superscientist · 11/06/2020 17:58

It might depend on the pill. I came of a pop in August, my gp advised that it might take 3 months for my body to adjust. I got a positive test just before Christmas without actively ttc.

FiveFoot90 · 11/06/2020 18:03

I was also on a POP and came off it early August last year. My GP said for me to be prepared it could take up to a year for my body to adjust and get pregnant. I got my BFP early December.

I got a period each month but the dates were all over the place. We had been actively trying for the first couple of months and then relaxed throughout October and November which I guess is around the time we conceived!

Vemjs · 11/06/2020 19:04

I was on combined does that make a difference then?

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