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Anyone had a balloon put in during a c section

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Mummyspider27 · 11/06/2020 15:34

Hi, the specialist told me today they are likely to put a balloon in during the c section to help stop bleeding, it’s then removed 12/24 hours after. Has anyone had this and can tell me more? X

OP posts:
xkjl1x · 11/06/2020 15:41

Intrested following x

Mummyspider27 · 12/06/2020 07:56

Bump x

OP posts:
ChampooPapi · 12/06/2020 08:07

Yes interested in following too

doadeer · 12/06/2020 08:07

Yes me.

What do you want to know?

Mummyspider27 · 12/06/2020 08:11

@doadeer Everything! How long it was in, how they removed, if you had to stay in bed while it was in, how long you were in hospital... anything and everything! X

OP posts:
TenThousandSpoons0 · 12/06/2020 08:35

You can google Bakri balloon for some pics and info. It’s really helpful for limiting bleeding if needed. No more uncomfortable than standard post CS, (it’s much smaller than the baby was, if that helps!!) it’s a little bit like a catheter in that there’s a silicone tube with an inflatable balloon on the end, the tube is passed out through your cervix so it comes out through your vagina and a few inches further, and is attached to a bag which can collect blood if there’s any bleeding going on. The balloon is inflated using saline and removing it is done with a syringe attached to the end of the tube, the liquid is taken out to deflate the balloon, then the tube pulls out very easily. Pretty minimal discomfort. Sometimes they deflate it in stages (ie take half the fluid out and then wait a couple of hours to make sure no bleeding, then remove). Always out by 24hrs. It shouldn’t restrict your movement any more than you would be anyway - often gets taken out at the same time as your urinary catheter and you can get back on your feet.

doadeer · 12/06/2020 08:39

I couldn't feel it at all. I only had it as my blood vessels didn't close and I kept bleeding... Lost nearly 2 ltrs of blood which isn't typical in a planned c section. I think they took it out on day 2 it wasn't painful to remove - just a bit of an inconvenience. You have a catheter in straight after so you can't move around straight away anyway. I don't think I moved around till day 2 as I felt very weak and had an iron transfusion.

I wouldn't worry about the balloon at all, it doesn't create any additional unpleasant feelings. Good luck!

Mummyspider27 · 12/06/2020 08:47

Thank you both. That’s really helpful.
I have anterior placenta previa so they are expecting bit blood loss. I have read a lot about people getting up after 6hours And home within 24 from section to aid recovery (especially as my husband won’t be there to help me) but wondered if it would hinder my recovery. Sounds like I won’t be up and out as soon as I would like but other than that sounds ok, thanks xx

OP posts:
Dozer · 12/06/2020 08:50

Wondering if it is just because of the bleeding or whether it might also help reduce womb scarring / adhesions. (I had some after my first C section)

doadeer · 12/06/2020 10:40

I was in hospital for 5 days as the blood loss delayed my milk and they needed to monitor it. I'd make sure you have good iron levels going in. I read on here about lots of women leaving quickly after a c section so it does seem common!

My top tip would be drink lots of smoothies after so it's easy to go to the toilet!

Mummyspider27 · 12/06/2020 11:00

They put me on iron tablets a couple of weeks ago in preparation! Smoothies is a great tip, thanks x

OP posts:
babynunber3 · 12/06/2020 22:23

@doadeer can I ask you as the bleeding vaginal or through the wound? I had bleeding through the wound but a pressure dressing and midwofe oresskng on stomach for 30 minutes stopped the bleeding! Very worried to have another section!

doadeer · 13/06/2020 07:15

My bleeding was during the operation, they nicked placenta on way in too I think and blood vessels didn't close. Nothing from my wound at all. I think it was just a fluke.

My recovery was totally fine and overall I still found it a relatively positive experience. Try not to worry! 💐

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