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Confused 😪

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Amotherlove · 11/06/2020 01:50

I was on marina last year for 4 months as I had thickening of womb which was caused from having to much oestrogen . I didn’t want the marina anymore as I wanted a baby so got it taken out doctor said could get it removed anytime and won’t effect me .

So then I started having irregular periods so the doctor told me to go on pill to sort them out . So I did after course finished I had 2 normal cycles in April I spotted brown / light pink for 3 days then nothing . (Sorry for tmi)

Then in may I haven’t seen my period which is weird as I always see it . Now it’s 11 days into june and haven’t seen anything still doctor said do test by the 18th to see if I am ?

As anyone else had this experience ?
I have done 4 test before And one came back with faint line others negative but he said either I could of tested to early or HCG levels are low ?

I have got a cyst on ovary but doctor said it shouldn’t affect my periods as it’s not big and I don’t get any pain during sex or any thing .

And it can’t be thickening of womb as I got totally different symptoms and I asked my doctor and he said no as you would keep bleeding and my periods have stopped ?

Do you think it could be the pill affected my periods ?

Has anyone else had this experience?

I would love to have another baby so that my son could have brother or sister to play with.

Sorry for so many questions ❤️

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