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Obese pregnancies

24 replies

SunSparkle · 10/06/2020 18:50


At the end of April I weighed 210 pounds (15 stone) and was genuinely shocked I had got that heavy. I started tracking what I eat to lose weight and thought TTC would take quite a while. Well I got pregnant first month and I'm now 6 weeks. I'm also now 199 pounds (14 stone 3) but at 5 ft 5 that still puts me at a BMI of 33. Mainly through just lack of appetite and some very strong food aversions (can't stand meat at all, and just want small portions of quite bland food to keep the nausea at bay) but also not using first trimester as an excuse to eat all the cake.

I told the doctor/midwife who gave me 5mg folic acid tabs to take instead of 400mg.

Just wondering what advice others have had in this situation as I'm worried they will be really critical when I have my weigh in appointments.

OP posts:
Ek3009 · 10/06/2020 19:44

Hi :) I’m currently 23 weeks pregnant and I’m a good few stone heavier than you! Please do not let your weight get in the way of enjoying your pregnancy.

My midwife has been amazing and apart from the odd ‘make sure you’re eating healthy’ comment my weight hasn’t been mentioned at any of my appointments. I have a consultant appointment at 28 weeks just to check things over but so far I have felt absolutely fine. Iv actually lost about a stone since falling pregnant also as you tend to be eating healthier.

Just remember that all the risks associated with being obese and pregnant are the same risks that someone with a lower BMI has it’s just ours is slightly increased.

Just relax and enjoy being pregnant! You have no reason to be worried :) xx

newmum0720 · 10/06/2020 19:53

My BMI was the same as yours at the start of my pregnancy, apart from putting me at slightly higher risk on my paperwork, my midwife has not mentioned my weight at all and it's not been an issue in my pregnancy. I think the only thing different is you get a gestational diabetes test further along in your pregnancy (I'm not sure if they give these to people with healthy BMIs?).

Enjoy your pregnancy :)

Dontjumptoconclusions · 10/06/2020 19:54

I'm 11 weeks tomorrow and my BMI is in the range of 45. There's plenty of overweight women who go on to give birth with absolutely no complications.

Being overweight isn't the problem, it's usually a cause for something else such as diabetes or high blood pressure. But other than the number on the scale, I don't have any illnesses, so I'm personally not worried at all.

SunSparkle · 10/06/2020 20:28

Thanks everyone for your reassurance. I'm feeling much better. It doesn't sound like any of you were asked to actively lose weight or told off for your weight gain.

Did your weight mean that your midwife wasn't open to things like a waterbirth?

OP posts:
rhia22 · 10/06/2020 21:52

my BMI was 36 at booking in and probs quite a bit higher now at 24 weeks! I wouldn't worry about it, nobody has made me feel bad about it up til now other than myself !! x

Emberfoot · 10/06/2020 22:51

I had a bmi of around 42 at the start and apart from a couple of factsheets on bmi in pregnancy and scans mentioning "reduced view due to maternal bmi" I had no issues. The midwife would have even been open to considering waterbirth (they dont usually over 40bmi) except due to an unrelated issue I need induction.

Sheera1 · 10/06/2020 23:22

I had a BMI of 45 at my first pregnancy when 31. I had an amazing pregnancy. No issues at all. Not sick, not a lot of weight gain and only got fed up when ds was 2 weeks overdue. It meant I couldn't use the midwife unit and was labour ward but it was fine just more eyes ti check things are fine. I am now 41 and a little heavier 🙈. Not feeling so great this time but prob my age. No diabetes or anything like that. Just very overweight. You will be fine. Xx

Foreverbaffled · 11/06/2020 05:27

My BMI was 33 in my first pregnancy! Never mentioned at any point, dream pregnancy and healthy easy delivery. My BMI is 34/35 this time round and again midwives have shown little interest. I’m consultant led due to another reason and she briefly mentioned it at 12 week appointment. I’m having an extra growth scan at 36 weeks but that’s it.

Don’t try and lose weight, just be sensible would be my advice. Enjoy your pregnancy which is likely to be healthy and problem free. As someone said it’s less about weight and more about associated risks of obesity (high blood pressure, diabetes etc) so if that’s all okay then I’d just relax and enjoy.

BabyG123 · 11/06/2020 07:45

You aren't alone. I was the same as you. Wonderful pregnancy. Water birth was allowed if wanted. Just had to have a glucose test for gestational diabetes. Don't panic. You aren't supposed to diet or lose weight when pregnant really. Enjoy

drayco · 11/06/2020 08:02

I was in a similar position and had to go for extra checks but in fact I had a dream pregnancy. No sickness, no gestational diabetes, no issues at all.

xkjl1x · 11/06/2020 08:12

I'm in the same boat. Dont worry I started to stress about it but there many different types of women who have babies and midwifes have seen it all x

CooperLooper · 11/06/2020 08:34

I'm 14 weeks and my BMI was 37/38 when I got pregnant. I've lost 8lbs since getting pregnant so probably 36/37 now.

Like others have said, my midwife wasn't bothered but the standard 'overweight pathway' is followed which is increased folic acid, consultant lead, a few extra appointments and an optional (personal choice) referral to a weight management training course if you want to. The amount of weight you can safely put on in pregnancy for an obese woman is a lot less than a slim person, so the weight management course is really just education around what's safe. It's not to promote weight loss but just better healthier eating habits but there's never any judgement.

A note on the glucose tolerance tests though. The NHS has no plans to do them at the moment because of covid (can't have a bunch of preggo ladies sat together in a waiting room for 2 hours), so instead they're doing a blood glucose test called a hb1ac test at 12 weeks instead. It's less accurate than a GTT but it might mean any gestational diabetes indicators or pre-diabetes is picked up a lot earlier than usual. It gives an indication of what your blood glucose levels have been like over the last 10-12 weeks so it's really important that you watch your diet as soon as possible.

Otherwise congrats and I hope you have a wonderful pregnancy 😊

SunSparkle · 11/06/2020 10:11

You've all made me feel so much better! I really thought I would be in for a telling off, which now I say it, does sound daft.

I will continue eating healthily, keep active and trying not to gain too much but I won't stress about it like I have been doing.

OP posts:
Lorna198 · 11/06/2020 13:46

Same story. 16 stone ish at conception. Got down to 15 stone 2. Now 15 stone 8 at 26 weeks. No problems from anyone about it. They’ve not even weighed me since even though I’m consultant led because of it.
They are doing glucose tests as I had mine yesterday morning so you will no doubt be offered that. Just be good to yourself, don’t eat for two, just for you with a couple of treats if you want them. That’s all I’ve done. Good luck and enjoy it!

FizzingWhizzbee123 · 11/06/2020 19:02

My BMI is over 40. There’s no point in midwives giving anyone a hard time now, it’s not the time to go on a crash diet. My midwife was lovely. She said my weight is only a consideration to ensure I get the right medical care, for example I’ll be pre-assessed by an anaesthetic just in case I need an emergency c section etc. They’re mostly just interested in managing any increased weight related risks, not fat shaming. You’ll be fine.

FizzingWhizzbee123 · 11/06/2020 19:04

Just to add to an above comment - some Trusts are still doing the glucose tolerance tests as normal. Mine is, although I’m not sure if I get sent away for the two hours or something. Some Trusts are just doing fasting bloods, but not all.

balloonsintrees · 11/06/2020 19:09

You will be fine, some midwives can be arses, but due to making huge assumptions.
I had first child at BMI of 47, and the main thing was I went into the birth with no set plan. This actually reassured the birthing team as they knew whatever needed to happen could happen as I wasn't fixated on anything.
Second baby was entertaining, fell pregnant within 3 months of a gastric sleeve, lost 8 stone while pregnant and all I could keep down was full caffeine coffee and morphine (broken limb to deal with as well). Didn't eat for 9 months, kept working, gave birth to an exceptionally healthy baby. No idea how, my body was wrecked before I got pregnant...consultant admitted afterwards he genuinely didn't think either one of us would make it through.
If they comment, grit your teeth, smile and nod and then carry on. You know you best.

MrsRose2018 · 11/06/2020 21:05

Hi OP, 15st and BMI 37 day of positive test and I’m nearly 35 weeks now!

I was honestly shocked at how not arsed any of the HCPs were about my weight! In fact I don’t think I’ve been weighed since my 12 week scan? Maaaayby at 20 week I honestly can’t remember but yeh. Not arsed!

If you can show you are now being active and healthy - I knew the active part is harder in lockdown) I honestly don’t think they “care” too much!

Take your prescribed folic and also get some vitamin D down you each night and you’ll also be probably be asked to take 150mg/half an asprin each night. This was commenced at my 10 week booking app I think.. I’m honestly losing track now!

You’ll also likely get additional growth scans at 30/32/34/36 weeks and a gestational diabetes test!

Try eat as healthy as possible but don’t overthink it! I’m not advocating eating a load of shit during pregnancy obviously but it’s tough enough without denying yourself that whole tub of ice cream or pack of Doritos occasionally... be kind to yourself 💕


MrsRose2018 · 11/06/2020 21:08

Oh yeh and I think I’ve only “gained” like 6lb! And I think at my last scan the baby was 5lb and then you’ve got amnio and pregnancy boobs so 🤷‍♀️

Small bonus if being a larger pregnant lady is you don’t gain as much weight - theoretically

Songsofwhales · 15/06/2020 20:50

Very similar story here. My BMI is around 40 and I'm about 6 weeks pregnant. This is my second pregnancy and I was significantly lighter the first time around. I keep worrying about everything, but it's been really reassuring to read all these positive messages.

Those of you who took extra folic acid, when did you start that? I'd heard this was probably necessary and mentioned it when I rang to arrange my booking appointment but was told they'd just discuss at the booking appointment. But that's not for another couple of weeks and I'm worrying I could be doing harm to my baby by not taking enough folic acid early enough?

Another question is about exercise. I used to be some sort of a runner (regular 5k runs, occasionally doing longer runs) and started it up again a couple of months ago which was really hard going given my weight. Last week I managed a couple of times to run for 25 minutes, but I was incredibly out of breath, hot and dizzy. It terrified me that I could've done damage by doing that too, so have stopped running at all now. Has anyone had experience of exercising during pregnancy? Does anyone think I'm being overly paranoid, or right to be cautious? I'm just a big bundle of anxiety over everything at the moment!

Sorry for all the questions and for slightly hijacking the thread! X

SettyBuarez · 16/06/2020 20:51

BMI over 40 here too. Except the midwife at booking has measured me as 2 inches shorter than I am, and then at the dating scan they put my weight up by 1kg (possibly a typo) so it has skewed my BMI to be higher than I know it is (but I am going to challenge this when I next go to the hospital and get it corrected). I got the 'maternal habitus' comment on my scan notes too but apart from that there's been no nastiness or judgement.

I was taking the Seven Seas supplement when TTC and started the extra folic acid at about 7 weeks after I'd had my booking appointment. I got asked if I wanted to be referred to a dietician, which I declined as midwife was happy for me to carry on with Slimming World. With food aversions and sickness I've actually lost weight so far.

@Songsofwhales I run too and I did intervals (like a couch to 5k type) in the first trimester and I'm doing about 20minute runs now at 14+4. I've tried to slow my pace right down which does feel easier.

Songsofwhales · 16/06/2020 21:16

@SettyBuarez That's reassuring to hear, thank you. I actually managed to get hold of a cheap second-hand treadmill today so I'm hoping to be able to do some easy (she says!) runs on there, or walking if I'm still overheating when running. I'm so paranoid about overheating in case I cause damage to the baby, but hopefully the treadmill will help as I can avoid all the bl**dy hills around here, and can have a fan directed straight at my face! Thank you again for replying Smile

Newbee123 · 16/06/2020 21:19

Hi Ladies can I join? I'm 9 weeks pregnant 5'5 and 15 stone 😕 very worried what they will say to me at the first scan I lost weight before I got pregnant then during lock down I let myself go ! I used to go gym but Ovbz can't now. Is it safe for me to go jogging ?

Addler · 16/06/2020 22:43

I'm in the same boat, BMI at 40 at my booking in appointment. I'm 16 weeks now and don't look any different and haven't gained any weight so far. I imagine I won't show for ages and then just look fatter, I can't see me having a nice bump!

I would love to have a water birth but don't know if it's allowed in my trust at my BMI.

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